Xdreams : Sub Sex-Games #1


Xdreams : Sub Sex-Games #1

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Studio : Xdreams.
Actors : Ilona,Valerie,Martina,Yvette.
Sin City Ultra and Chuck Martino present an erotic and sensual feature like none other. Secret agents, drug smugglers, and big ass titties are the formula for this Heatwave classic! The headlines read, “Rock Star Bridget The Midget Dead At 21″. These good girls gone bad will drain your snake dry! It contains hardcore vaginal, anal and oral sex that is raw and rough! Superstar Autumn-Jade instructs newcomer Annie Swanson on how to plug a woman’s slit. 100% Hardcore Interracial Flavor. Watch these tender babes in their most private moments as they poke and prod themselves right to pure ecstasy! Watch as Niki teases Claudio; as Brandi gets fucked stupid; as Traci hopefully improves; and as Angel gets reamed by Rod! So ladies, take note! The rest of these little hos follow suite and get down for some kneeling practice!281 If you like cute, petite, British chicks, you’ll love this! The angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the torque of the pork … This vampire sinks more than his teeth into these beauties!!! Red Riding Hood finds this amusing, and has to be punished, too! From director Alex King, “Not only does ‘Black Samuel’ have the hottest black men in the adult biz today, but it also manages to hit every kinky act you love… ass gobbling, cum wearing, butt reaming, threesomes & more!” Extremely hot gay XXX action found here! This is a Hos how to, with some very good dick licking and pussy churning sex. Chris Cannon took care of that. Carrie invites members from her website for a fan appreciation circle jerk. With 20 Gorgeous girls begging to suck, slurp, swallow and worship the mighty cock, how could you possibly go wrong! Sweaty, muscled-up black studs wrestle each other and end up fucking. A cum lovers delight!!! Real, everyday people send us their sexiest stories, then we find the youngest and hottest girls to read and re-create the letters, sharing their normally private sex life with us! When Lady Venus discovers unfinished chores, Raven must face the consequences. The three cavity beauty contestant has shown us the art of spreading cheeks and accepting large donations! Nothing can beat the kinky painful pleasure of spankings from Hungary, as little ladies are bent over and beaten on the ass till they’re red! Could you handle two women? Rodney is checking out her pole skills, and soon she checks out his pole skills, all over the stage. With tasty tits, angelic asses and lovely faces, this pair of babes makes a stud feel lucky times two! Ariel and Taylor love to play dirty. The two Kennedy scenes also are mostly new because they were shot with a second camera, and that footage was used sparingly. Whether it is one guy or two guys. She starts things off by teasing the camera a bit, and then doesn’t waste any time showing us just how comfortable she is with her own body. Watch how these Valley lesbos devour each other’s cunts, tits and asses. Who walks in but Cynthia’s unsuspecting husband, Bill… 5 nubile nymphs, 5 new scenes! Watch when they decide to spice it up with some toys!!!! He’s an expert at playing hard ball – or should we say “hard balls.” He knows just how to undermine sexy young Jennie’s credentials so he can propel himself past her in the polls. The destination is tight ass and wet pussy. It’s Mickey Lynn and Kimberly Chambers. This adds to Alysha’s thrill of her first creampie gangbang as each guy leaves his load in her pussy. Hollywood Legs is taken to the extreme… A true classic for foot fetish, leg and ass lovers! Watch as the little petite girls’ pussies get wider and wider, see the sweet teen pussy juice dripping down the fat cock that’s ripping her insides apart. See Barbara Summers scream as she fucks herself with a banana. Get lost with them in this balls-draining fuckfest that will leave you begging for more! Watch as said old guy, eats out and fucks an innocent girl on what I’m guessing is his mom’s old couch! Meanwhile, Howard’s trusty engineer (Alex Sanders) has the enviable job of screening a female fan (Maralyn Martyn) that will do anything to meet Howard. The two bestow upon the girls’ faces a load of holy jizm fresh from their Ganges source! A feature for the new millennium from porno vixxxen Charity Trust! These parlor maids do not limit themselves to the parlor. It’s another round of cheerleader searching, and we’re treated to some of the shapeliest young strumpets in the industry. This fantastic series continues with Volume 2, more sweet teens caught fucking themselves! 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When these fortune cookies open up there will be a wet surprise! Cruel for such a cute girl. Katrina isn’t satisfied with just one cock; she needs a dildo and a cock to satisfy her sexual cravings! Get ready for their definition of “loose morals.” Blonde, busty and built to dominate, Mistress Kimber makes her debut. Next, Matt heads for a peep show and witnesses Raymond and Alx picking each other up and heading off to do nasty things to each other. It’s a pussy; It’s not a pussy! Then it’s gonzo time as he and his buddy pass the camera between each other for some hot, steamy blow job action. It’s only a matter of minutes before he is barking like a dog and clucking like a chicken, under the motivation of the crop of course!This slave experiences a whipping, caning, CBT, NT, and boot and ass worship. Hercules shoots a hot load while riding Tommy’s cock ! In PB4, Jordi delivers his best performance to date. By inviting all his friends to have a gang bang with her. 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The ride has a strange effect… so strange in fact, that she finds herself filled with the desire to fulfill her gang bang fantasy! These girls don’t seem too bright, but who the hell are we to judge?

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