William Higgins Productions : Spanking Vol. 28


William Higgins Productions : Spanking Vol. 28

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Studio : William Higgins Productions.
Actors : Tomas Ludva,Robert Maja,Daniel Kutka,Adam Rupert,Just Angelo.
Janay spanks the girl’s succulent ass cheeks and is relentless as she uses all her strength to batter and bruise their asses…and that is just the beginning! Our latest compilation includes “Grade A Bondage, “about a photographer whose college project includes the binding of his friend Brigette. Magnificent acts of discipline, whips that sting as they dance through the air, humiliation performed with the finesse of a goddess…all this and more by the most beautiful and voluptuous doms you’ve ever seen assembled in one video!273 They grab the spray gun and wash each other off, playing for the camera and men who show up just off camera to REALLY wash a car! These girls want nothing but meat in their mouths! An arousing tale about the sexual awakening of Cindy, a succulent and saucy adolescent who begins her sex education outside the class and graduates into the sizzling world of eroticism. Watch as they cum all over the city, over cars, and over each other. So scoot up a chair and stay a while. A slacking secretary and a naughty wife are both punished with the spankings of their lifetime, from paddling to pummeling to caning, they learn what it means to get spanked the hardcore way! She then goes into her desk and finds a toy to play with later. There is syrup and pancakes all over the place. This movie brings another meaning to photo shoot. This is the fourth video in this hardcore series and it is packed with hot busty sluts from start to finish! This is some EXTREME penetration, the weary need not apply. She spreads her legs for the thorough satisfaction of a pile-driving fu Sandee is a dark, sexy Indian slut. As Alex slips his dick in Dru’s ass, Casey licks his cock and her pussy in a perfect motion. The atmosphere positively oozes sex! Before these older, horny sluts start sucking and fucking, they do some serious grooming! This is one Gonzo video not to be missed. In ‘Call Girl’, learn what every man needs to know before making the call! Later that week, the county health inspector visits the pizza shop, which isn’t exactly up to code. Ten volumes of the youngest pussies allowed by law, all spread, wet and willing, wide open and waiting, hairy, shaved, pink and brown and glistening and ripe, and just waiting for you to stroke yourself over each and every one. See these hot black hunnies wash cocks clean! Then, from his scene in Indulge, Marcelo lovingly tops Tony Piagi in bed. Kvido: This fit and trim Czech wants to become a porno star and learns very quickly. But when a huge sex scandal ravages the show and shuts it down for good, Molly is sure her plans are shot – that is, until she finds out that the real detective on the show has been looking for a woman like her the whole time. He also provides a hot hard meat pole for you to chew on. Don’t you want to be the first to serve these fresh faces? This pretty redhead looks so polite and reserved when just sitting down with an older dude, but when he encourages even a small bit, she becomes such a fucking slut, sucking that cock like its going on a business trip, like that prick will never comeback…enjoy sex fiends! She anchors it between her shoes and keeps on fuckin’. Anal Seduction #3! Plenty to see for people into vintage films, older women, blowjob, natural breasts and European women. I guess I’m just naturally smooth. Seven young natural-breasted beauties in five ass-blistering scenes! But of course they aren’t alone… Then, she rams it up his tight asshole while he jerks off. The World’s Largest Collection of XXX Amateur Content! Not many! These women can’t get enough of the black cock! Max finds Maren roller-skating at a park. The only thing that turns him on more is when you watch him beat his cock and massage his balls! This woman just wanted to be a BRIDE GONE BAD… North’s pole keeps pace with every gal he comes across – and then some! Nicky bets on the outcome with the losing pair bottoming for the winning pair. Things are about to get hot … Gangbangs! And that flip side would be hardcore girls cumming their brains out from all the rough and rumble anal reaming! Volume 3 gets even hotter as 2 girls fuck each other with dildos in front of thousands of on-lookers! Possibly shot on the scene of STOMP these hot, young, smooth boys are street tough! Another one of a kind! Finally they relax in warm cum-baths as their once-tight holes begin to shrink to their prior sizes.307 Skeeter Kerkove, The King of Sodom presents Deep Cheeks 9, “It’s not a love story”. Shocking Film!! Just out of the United States Marines, Brandon is getting his Marine buddies and friends into porno! Christoph Clark is the master of anal. It wasn’t his secret dream. The only thing that can match up to a hot Latina is hotter sex. Featuring a young Jack Wrangler in his best role ever! You bet they do! Tori Welles is the Queen Of X! An all-star issue with over two hours and six scenes! With their huge soapy breasts pressed up against the glass, these double-d debs will do your windows while you watch-and throw in a little stripping on the Q: How do you Suck a Di As Kami’s libido rises, so do Mark’s suspicions of Kami’s behavior, and Marie becomes more and more intent on getting what she really wants. This film abso-fucking-lutely rocks! We’re introduced to the red headed Rusty on the banks of the East River and Master Rick Savage sure does do it right. And in the other corner the Craziest Cunt in the USA, weighting in at 121 lbs Micki Marsaille. One hot summer night, we invited 48 swingers to a party. Randy strokes his meat and deposits his hot, creamy load all over Lisa cute face. This precocious and deceptively seductive young girl seems determined to seduce her stepfather. Kylie Marie shows her twin sister, Cali, the proper way to suck dick and take a big cock up her tight fresh teen ass. 19 horny & juicy babes do it all in 9 of the hottest scenes culled from the best selling all-black series ever! Girls strapping one on and bending over guys! Maybe then she’ll learn her lesson and you can kiss and make up!411 The three lesbian wildcats! This one is a must see and is guaranteed to satisfy! Her skin will have you wet from sweat, and her pink pussy and pretty little feet will have your man meat blowing loads in record amounts!! With each round their ties become more intricate and their positions even more revealing. She shows the guys a sexy, erotic dance routine before they shoot their loads in her mouth! She sits on top of him and takes him deep inside of her. Determined to turn the error into opportunity, they embark on an experimental vacation in which they share the same house — and each other! After, he makes her stand against the wall and think about what she’s done. Well, watch the movie and let me know what you think! Under the threat of having her parents informed of everything, Nicolette submits to the tutor’s kinky punishments – and he uses on her the same toys she discovered while snooping. Follow by the meanest and nastiest bitch that you will ever come to know, please welcome Leanna Foxxx! Kelly goes nasty on two butt hungry boners. They make her into a whore right on the spot! Filmco has released this new tape with hot spicy girls. Sometimes I feel like such a naughty perverted old “boss” minus the old part! Watch as they bob their mouths and pussies up and down cock to get that protein shake! It’s time for a pure Adrenaline Lust! Mitzi gives us class clown type answers. By the end I am so flustered by having to remove my panties I almost cry! Stop teasing? Brown eyed winkies! 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Toned, tight and built bitches experience the world of depraved pleasures through pain and torture.327 Things start to get really wild as Missy rides Ty’s massive, fake dick and then crams in another toy to make things a tighter fit. These two clingy dresses go VERY transparent when wet, so if you like seeing sexy underwear through soaking dresses, you’ll love this scene! With natural 36 D tits, Missy Monroe is one unstoppable s There really isn’t much that’ll beat bangin’ out a hot little Latina whore. I’ll take mine supersized!!! Back by popular demand, the Pussyman brings you a special event between the Afro-American superstar Midori and the pint-sized blonde Anastasia. But rest assured, you’ve got to be quick to catch this dick Fresh meat! Watch these beautiful teens reveal their dirtiest thoughts and fantasies! She lets him have the panties…and 17″ of rectal-wrecking rubber to go with it! This 1995 effort centers on a club where folks step through the doors and into a world of utter debauchery and sexual hunger. We moved in to the bedroom for more cock sucking and fucking in BOTH holes and Tee shoots his first load of cum all over her pussy! Come see her get wet and wild in this over 2-hour sexploitation of Ashley. Interview With The She-Male, nothing you will ever see will get more exotic than this!

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