William Higgins Productions : Spanking Vol. 27


William Higgins Productions : Spanking Vol. 27

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Studio : William Higgins Productions.
Actors : Vasek Konik,Roman Koroza,Adam Rupert,Ivo Kerk,Paul Fresh.
Cinderella, who can’t be queen, is looking for Eternity…The sudden, queer death of Canna Hatano…Takuya was able to bring Canna back to life by following Eriko’s advice. He wines, dines and interviews them about their fantasies…then unleashes them to hardcore sleazy action. Here’s four scorching hours of the rawest, raunchiest interracial, oral, anal and lesbian sex scenes that leave no doubt these performers definitely have skills! All of your fantasies are going to come true when these young hot stars get down and dirty! This is the original in the series. Diana endures a painful session on a bondage cross while her girlfriend is whipped and clipped on the dreaded overhead donut. She thinks that “watersports” means snorkeling! Can’t be a bad thing can it? They hook up, they suck cock, eat ass and they like to take it raw… In this video, inhibition is a thing of the past and carnal experience i Feet and pussies…what more could you want? Wearing a wrestling singlet, Mick does a hot jack off scene on a platform in an artistic paintbrush setting, hot and horny, he cum’s and cum’s again. Perhaps you’ve slept on a pair of silk sheets? Cum on down and SLURP on a nut sack!! These barely legal Japanese teen sluts are petite and pretty. This is a surprise scene for all my loyal fans. She’s been out on the road dancing her cute little buns off every night.

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