Venus Lux Entertainment : Banging Charity Bangs


Venus Lux Entertainment : Banging Charity Bangs

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Studio : Venus Lux Entertainment.
Actors : Venus Lux (Trans),Charity Bangs.
A minimum of 100 Fresh Amateur Girls and 22 Awesome Scenes packed into 2 hours of non-stop party MADNESS! The ultimate cop on suspension for sexual indiscretions is reinstated in order to protect and serve the beautiful superstar Annie Lame-X from a group of murderous assassins. Lexington has selected a bevy of beautiful super fucks-sluts who enter the arena to attempt to take his cock! Hot anal action spins your way with the prettiest white butts you ever did see. Besides interviewers which strip their subjects of all inhibitions, you’ll see the titanic Nadine Jansen as a deceptively sweet German country girl, Cassandra as a wily maiden of the forest and Monica Mendez slinking her way out of the tightest Catwoman costume we could find. Four great girls with legs like peanut butter. And don’t panic, you will find dirty double penetrations and sluts who like to fuck so much that they will leave you withered after they deplete your fluids. So, she undresses and gets to it. No more school but, they’re still doing their homework! Discover all shapes and one size, big, big and bigger! Watch and enjoy Robert Prions’s 50th feature video, “If You Dare”. There are so many cocks in one scene; they are surely violating a zoning ordinance. If you like sweet nasty girls getting double stuffed this is the video for you. Diana hasn’t shaved her pussy in the last 50 years. Can’t you just smell that curry?! Discover hidden treasures in deep holes! Jesse will floor you. Who wouldn’t get hooked on that huge cock? Join Kassin and an all star cast of hotties as they suck and fuck their patients back to mental health.

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