Venus Girls Productions : The Muscle Bitch


Venus Girls Productions : The Muscle Bitch

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Studio : Venus Girls Productions.
Actors : Brandi Mae Akers.
New girl Aria shows you why she’s going to join the ranks of the stars. When the big toys are finally removed, the void is so big you’ll swear you can hear “La Cucharacha” echoing off their gaping pussy walls! Five scenes of butt fucking, ass-to-mouth shots, and cum drenched, cock crazed co-eds. Ramon is happy to see them because he gets his chance to plug each of his amigos and makes sure neither leaves with a hungry hole. But if you want to score with a hot-blooded Chica like Simone or Roxy, then you’re going to need some training. Bored with the same old pussy, try it with a little haban~ero! Homegrown video serves as a clearinghouse for the democracy of porn, supplying hardcore video’s by the people, for the people. With an air pump I blow some up until they pop, but only a few.

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