Twisted Media : Cody Gets A Lesson In Sucking


Twisted Media : Cody Gets A Lesson In Sucking

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Studio : Twisted Media.
Actors : Reece Bentley,Cody Reed.
There’s always a first time for everything! This schoolgirl is certainly learning a lot of new tricks! When she’s done with herself she moves on to a real live cock. It was raining like it was the end of the fucking world as Kenny and Dannielle made their way down a seemingly endless stretch of desert highway, the rain was beating so hard on the car roof that the vicious blowjob he was receiving seemed to be coming from somewhere other than his delicious companion. It’s the mega-teen poontang jam-a-thon! Then Hotrod Boy and the rest join in as they all use this cracker ho’! She really seems to enjoy her bright purple vibrator as it twists and wiggles it’s way around her clit and through her tight wet snatch. Steamy action and some mouthwatering new girls help keep this one blazing along at a brisk and sexy clip. So check out all the kinky action as these horny trannies get it on. Shot on location in Europe, you are guaranteed nothing less than gorgeous all natural big tit action! 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