Third Degree : Cougar Tutors


Third Degree : Cougar Tutors

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Studio : Third Degree.
Actors : Brad Knight,Miss Melrose,Small Hands,Nina Elle,Van Wylde,Tyler Nixon,Kendra Lust,Sindy Lange,Mark Wood.
When an elderly millionaire has a heart attack while watching a sexy striptease, his wild will leaves everyone in a state of salacious surprise. Beautiful Latina Domino is about as hot and sexy as they get!!! With a spank a stank here and a spank a stank there. These dimes get dicked down hard! What’s better than a beautiful Asian girl? Giving you some of the hottest chiquitas who love to suck cock and fuck for creampies. Cunts stuffed with dick and faces soaked with sticky cum! Watch for more of Paulina. This is a special all-California girl edition of “Teens Goin’ Wild!” Drain your balls to the hottest teen cuties you’ve ever seen! Step daddy stole my panties Kristina will never forget what happened on the night of her 18th birthday. He fucks Mia Domore until she begs for mercy. It’s definitely a good thing when you’re bumper to bumper with these seven hotties. Vertical ’69’! We found out Sparky’s got a little personal fetish – and it’s big bitches! In this video you will find plenty of hose, toes, and lips with hips all for you to worship! When a woman’s husband was scheduled to be out of town for few weeks, her boyfriend is ready to play. These girls love to fuck and slurp. Virtually everything that good porn is about makes it into this series on a regular basis…dispensing with plot, the wispy “auditions” get the girls jumping around in skimpy outfits and before long they’re gobbling up big dick! George and Sue are an inexperienced, but charming, younger couple that are in love, but not willing to learn about the more esoteric ways of pursuing sexual satisfaction. In our last scene, we give Starr a candid interview. After watching the aptly titled film, Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, and an abundance of slutty cock-nurturing whores offer the their version of the elements of desire. So check out the next “Porn Star Idol”! 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