Norma Stitz Productions : Sexual Appetite


Norma Stitz Productions : Sexual Appetite

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Studio : Norma Stitz Productions.
Actors : Norma Stitz.
Terminatrix, model 2000. Watch the industry’s hottest girls suck and fuck from your point of view. After some very hot and nasty lashes the slaves are made to crawl around and toss each other’s salads, then the male masters are brought in to fuck their slaves and treat them the way slaves should be treated!160 Watch our girls get their jawbones exercised to the max while swallowing mile after mile of enormous cocks then get their asses reamed and cum shot all over their nasty hot bodies. An old pal once told Rick “I love shooting girl/girl S&M because no one can be cruel to a woman as another woman.” As you will see … his words are quite truthful!423 Adding to the ensuing excitement are two adult film superstars, John Holmes and Serena! Whatever you prefer, busty Donna Marie will do her raunchiest best to satisfy you! Rick is really good at tickling Windy. Inside this sex sandwich, you’ll find choice meat in the form of the hottest babes anywhere. He seems to like doing it, a lot. Marie uses her charm and slant-eyed beauty to suck cock on the street like a common whore! These little sluts have got the perfect ass! It’s da pinkest toes and nastiest ho’s- ya’ll come back now, ya hear? We assure you that it will not disappoint you or any other fan. This sweet little piece of Japanese meat loves toys almost as much as she loves performing for the camera!! Do you wax nostalgic for the nineteen-seventies when her pussy was hidden by a big hair pie? What’s mommy’s little girl to do but have her young, sweet, bald pussy rammed by a big, hard cock! I mean there is a lot of sucking going on so much in fact that I bet the girls got full of the hot goo they didn’t need to eat for a week! In BOHEMIAN SUMMER, world-renowned director William Higgins once again takes viewers on a timeless journey into the byways and backwoods of Eastern Europe where hunky men bond with each other in spontaneous moments of uninhibited passion, just as they have for thousands of years These cute little pussies are young and ripe, and they just love to nip on a little wet cunt! First one finger then two, getting wetter and wetter. Oh, we gave it to her all right!! They fuck and suck upside down or right side up. Our tiny friend Estel popped up with two of her best friends for a shoot at a hotel with a large marble indoor hot tub and beautiful shower! Welcum to the second steamy installment of this new trany series from Thrid World Media. Refrigerate after opening…close cover before striking… But then the people said, “We want big tits and tight slits… Do you remember being nineteen years old? More nasty filthy sex cumming your way, with hard-core ass pounding, snatch licking, cock sucking, and hot loads. These girls will always say, “I do.” As for the guys, they’re just helping to break in their buddy’s bride, and they do a fine job of it! Naughty secretary Belle fulfills her French maid fantasy and fucks Logan, has some lesbian fun with Vixen and their toys, then has her way with Logan. The British are Blowing!! This girl can’t get enough pussy juice to fill her up, so in the end she eats the spooge, too! We show you all the sexy fun and games: a funky fashion show with fashions that are barely there, a Wet Tease Contest where contestants use dirty tricks to influence the judges and the Belle of the Ball Contest, a non-stop “booty” pagean And if you already are a fan of Max Hardcore, then don’t miss another chance to see deep dick action. Poor Taya needs a job. Check out the scene with the hot stud in a jockstrap! Therefore, we had to step in to finish the job. This is a three-episode femdom extravaganza! They start out sucking each other and biting tits then Tommy stuffs his fat Cuban cock up Hercules’ ass! We know she’ll make you pop an instant woodie by just seeing the boxcover! Brazillian Girlie Boys, and real women make this a flaming trio of fucking and sucking that’ll turn your head around! Watch as these beautiful women play with their sexy feet, pussies and dildos – just for you! Have you ever wondered what the neighbors down the block do when they think no one is watching? And enjoy these demure young ladies yankin’ the wank! BE AMAZED as dedicated men and women of science explore their sexy subjects from TOP to BOTTOM…for the benefit of all humanity. More than 16 scenes and 30 girls…too many to name! Seems as if she can’t find some she finds it herself…with her favorite toy buried deep between her legs. Meanwhile, Sharon’s working on the side at a local bordello, making ends meet by letting a few good men meet her end. Mexican girls are all a bunch of fucking sluts that for no better reason have huge asses and little input on anything else rather than how hard they are going to be pounded, nothing else beyond that, seriously. Our unsuspecting young men are unaware of the brutal ass attack they are about to endure all in the name of reality adult video!

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