KissMe Girl Studios : KissMe Girl – Chloe Foster & Chase Ryder


KissMe Girl Studios : KissMe Girl – Chloe Foster & Chase Ryder

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Studio : KissMe Girl Studios.
Actors : Chase Ryder,Chloe Foster.
Hot, horny Latinos from Cuba, filmed entirely in Havana, Cuba…get your ripe bananas today! Watch as Jaselle gets wild and wooly! They are ravaging the earth and must be stopped! They will do whatever it takes to get it – they suck and fuck and even ride strap-ons in their cum quest. This leads me to believe that she’s ethnic, however, I lack both the knowledge and inclination to place her exact ethnicity. Hosted in official “Spanglish” by the sultry Paola and Estella, this will be the sexiest Spanish lesson you’ll ever take! Nasty, steamy vignettes that will leave you bound, but not tied! Just look at what these young ladies are saying. Hot ladies in their little white panties are restrained and their pussies are played with. Kaori is planning to get to the bottom of the conspiracy surrounding her school. These two know the best way to work undercover, is by getting under the covers! Join our two middle-aged horny detectives in their never-ending search for crime and cock; and not necessarily in that order… There are 3 movies in this series tracing the adventures of an upper class French family who live on the French Riviera. Regardless, an older chick is always nice because she’s experienced and knows how to fuck like an animal, but sometimes you just want a young, fresh piece of meat that you can mold any way you wish!!! A woman who lives to hear a man utter the phrase “bark like a doggy for me you nasty little toy”. It’s camping with lesbians … Watch some of the most appealing babes this side of the quad suck dick, screw and eat jizz like there’s no tomorrow! Buck up, class is in session!

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