Juliette Captured And In Distress : Tied For Fun


Juliette Captured And In Distress : Tied For Fun

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Studio : Juliette Captured And In Distress.
Actors : Juliette (i).
Six depraved pigs in a bladder-bustin’, toilet-trainin’, ass-eatin’, belchin’, bootlinkin’ piss orgy. Cum on over and see gaping ass! These big titted bitches are mad. And, as always, stay perverted. When the gals arrive, the party starts humping, pumping and jumping. What happens when you take sexual fantasies to the next level? Their first sight is cover model Jean Carlo Souza topping bubble-butted Gustavo Sartini in positions never described in Kama Sutra. Gagging, we got it, Ass fucking? SHAFT is where the action is!!! It’s total facial and oral cum shots in four hours of Oral Hijinx! This video is too HOT t Of course, the bitch drops all fidelity for a patented Rodney Moore cum-blast! These peppy cheerleader sluts think it’s awesome that you wanna see them fuck! Fortunately, there’s a member of the caring community committed to men like Flick. Perhaps some toe sucking will impress his Mistress… A few wee accidents happen as we play around with the milk, but that is part of the fun. The Contessa’s response is to chain the housekeeper up with the servants, and puts her under the whip, rack, and pain toys as well. If you love gorgeous brunettes with great tits and sweet ass this is the movie for you!! This great hard action video stars Aaron Austin, in one of the very best sex scenes of his entire career.

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