JTC Video : 3 Bites Pour Jouir


JTC Video : 3 Bites Pour Jouir

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Studio : JTC Video.
Actors : Tiziana Blanchi,Federica Tomasi,Franco Zani,Carl Boss,Teo Mantera,Omar Galanti,Giorgio Grandi,Marco Nero,Julia.
Especially when you invite some sorority sluts to party with. Taking a shower or stripping for the camera, these ladies do everything possible to make you a voyeur to their most private moments.290 Retro 80’s: Everyone’s favorite hyperactive, outfitted masturbator is back and going as strong as ever. What quest is this you may ask? Put those uncut cocks in the bubble butts and you have fucking that will make you reach for a trick towel and/or more lube!!! One lucky viewer became a lucky winner. A VOYEUR’S DELIGHT! Lots of beautiful, tight and tanned bodies with great rimming, blowjob and cumshot scenes. Of course she fucks her brains out too. Watch huge loads of cum splash on their face, mouth and lips as they lick up the juices with their tongue. See this little slut give all that she’s got to put everyone in the groove! Latin balls, they got it! These guys KNOW how to use a woman! The Commandant (Oilvia Outre), also known as the Mistress, is having a frustrating day at Penal Camp 96. Get ready for over 5 hours of fast she-male action. Witness first hand what depths of sexual persuasion these young Coeds will stoop to for them to get what they want. Haley Paige and Carmen Luvana lace up their thigh-highs for some nasty latex lust in these five smoldering vignettes! Well guess what, we like em too! He picked it up. Nor was this budding sex star cognizant of the near religious fervor with which our man quite literally delights in spanking the bouncing bare bottoms of shameless jezebels such as she556 Four beautiful girls and eight hot studs show you the best of both worlds in this winter wonderland. These girls love it up the butt! When Keisha, FiFi Bardot and Ebony Ayes show up at the station, it’s a fiery free-for-all that leaves them all well-spent. Watch them sit on the director’s big dick while he suck on their tits. It was really gaping. This girl definitely has some skill. Lindsey experiments with a taste of submission when she joins two slave girls and their “master”! Six hard-hitting scenes, including a wicked anal! This movie features all interracial se These beautiful girls also in action, and showing off there HUGE tits just for you! These whores just crave hot wet pussy or big dildo! These girls are marked for anal!!! After soundly flogging her full, round buttocks, Victoria is tied to a coffee table, her legs forced wide open. Or is he just a dirty old man taking these girls for a ride? In any military unit there is a penalty for fucking in uniform. Plus these girls like nothing more then the taste of a cock that’s been dipped in another girl’s ass. Submissive is the name of the game, and these girls play it oh so good… It far surpasses even our first video in terms of cruelty and sadism.

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