HIS Video : Hard Copy


HIS Video : Hard Copy

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Studio : HIS Video.
Actors : Tyler Beaumont,Rick Rebel,Ramo Samceion,Kevin Dolan,Jon Erikson,Billy Foxx,Juan Namos,Chad Lowe.
The cast features several AVN-award nominess performing their erotic specialties. Could it be the twisted and diabolical Melon Man? Grab yourself a glass of milk from the milk bar and sit back and really relax and get ready for some “Ultra-Sex”. Watch the stretching of tight assholes and pussies in all of these hardcore scenes. Patty and Pam revel in its power, allowing it to reach very sensitive places, and even turn a small rubber boat into a sensual Jacuzzi. Tight anal entry. Nicole has absolutely, positively never been spanked before (excepting a couple of slaps during sex, she admitted) and never appeared in any movie or video.425 Master Samoth is awesomely real with twink Tommy Deluca. A rebellion is growing led by a whore with no name, and the revolution is imminent. In this scorching prequel we get to see how Mr.Morgan got that way. These girls give new meaning to the word naughty, as each of their holes gets stuffed with 100% pure man meat. V 8 number 13! 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