Femorg : Rosie Cooper- Hitachi Lust


Femorg : Rosie Cooper- Hitachi Lust

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Studio : Femorg.
Actors : Rosie Cooper.
Sipping the milk of life was never so much fun! Only a nineteen-year-old schoolgirl could drive a man that insane. Anastasia, dressed in a backless latex dress that exposes her most sensitive area, is brought in to receive her punishment. How about fresh little pussies and assholes getting satisfied by a good old fashioned hole-pounding? He won’t hurt or tie you up until you ask him to! Rippling black muscles and the fine glow of honest sweat gets these oh-so-fine black brothers all worked up. Do you enjoy watching thick, billowing clouds of white smoke creeping out between brightly painted lips? She starts by sitting in a chair showing you her beautiful long legs in dark pantyhose. Asian cream pies inside! Anna thought she was coming over for an evening of conversation. A SEX ADVENTURE THAT WILL MELT YOUR WORLD! She gets in the tub, letting the water caress her body. Twenty-one horny, cock craving, cum swallowing girls having fun and giving oral sex! Sexy Smokie takes on two cocks and gets a double load! A rebellion is growing led by a whore with no name, and the revolution is imminent. If class were this fun you probably would’ve stayed in school!

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