Falcon Studios : Winner Takes All


Falcon Studios : Winner Takes All

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Studio : Falcon Studios.
Actors : Bill Henson,Aaron Gage,Rod Phillips,Scott O’Hara,Mark Hunter,Randy Page,Lee Ryder.
After seeing these PHAT Asses (We stress the PH) bounce and jiggle against these studs you’ll never look at a black woman the same way again. Do not miss this one! Don’t let their pigtails confuse you, these girls are nasty! That’s what these girls are, filled to the brim with the potent semen of five different men. They take turns sucking each other’s hard cocks in this awesome foursome! After some kinky fun one of the girls’ mother walks in on them and freaks out. Breathe some fresh air into that love life by imitating the pros! The emperor inspects Bruno’s massive cock and decides to keep him. In the third scene, Kayla wears a brilliant red spandex dress, Pam wears a thick white poly cocktail dress, and Alexis wears thick satiny, rose-trimmed black party dress. Bob’s camera captures the incredible moments while the spirit sings, and in heaven’s nylon draped chambers, there is rejoicing. Soon Max is drilling her ass and throat! Next, they dress in French Maid outfits and do housework for the boss. These scenes are unbridled, as carefree as sex can get. A beauty like no other, she walks on the forest, showing her beautiful body, her amazing tits to the world… Any Excuse For Sex is the horny mans motto! Shot on location in Montreal Canada with the nastiest lezbos ever. The first scene opens with Cassie already spread for JD’s tongue and fingers. Her sweet tits, nipples, shaved pussy and glorious ass now receive a very INTENSE dose of punishment. Alec Campbell gets all the fantasies he’s dreamed of in this explosive action-packed video! With all the bonus content, this is a must have for your collection!! Since Brittany is so good at giving head, she gets a reward … a nasty facial!!! Back in the bedroom the two guys once again can’t keep their hands to themselves, as they jack each other off to explosive finishes and then proceed to fuck, with the younger guy being the top. Guzzle some more cum! Brooke Hunter: beauty and the beast. Tasty twats in every scene! Tracked down and confronted by her frantic, sex-starved girlfriend, Wendy must decide if her dark, lustful, body-quivering obsession has gone beyond the edge of sanity…or if her craving for non-stop pleasure has yet to be satisfied These girls know how to work it and they just love having fat black cocks rammed in their holes. What is different about this vide The ever-flexible British tart, Layla, wraps her legs around her head and says the following to her asshole: “Rather than having a cock a day, how about having six cocks in one day, and then you can fuck off for a week.” Her asshole greedily snatches up Layla’s offer. Quick!! Roxy sure is a naughty schoolgirl with great big tits. She meets up with her friends for shopping. A grisly fate awaits the women who don’t meet John’s expectations. They even take turns riding dick…Wouldn’t you like to cum take a turn with them? She leads a new pack of anal craving, self stuffing nymphos that just can’t seem to get enough ass cramming action on the movie sets so they have come over to Taylor’s studio to show you how they stretch out their own butt holes when their is no cock around! Watch as these gorgeous lesbians explore the sensuality that can only be had by oth They are delighted when this little petite Japanese shows up! Harry is now forced to watch as everyone around him becomes…OBSEXXED! Have you ever been curious to know at what age a girl starts to feel something tickling between her legs? In these turbulent times, Americans have joined together like never before, rallying in defense of things they hold dear. These hot boys just love to get hot and bothered with cock and ass. With renewed confidence, Danica returns to the set and explodes in a torrid flurry of passion that will leave you breathless! If you love “straights” that stroke alone or with their buddies, then enjoy. Anna Malle is burning as “Nightbird”, sharing phone-in fantasies on her talk-fantasy radio show.

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