Dreamland Video : Adultery


Dreamland Video : Adultery

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Studio : Dreamland Video.
Actors : Joe Elliot,Howard Darkley,Alexis Greco,Gail Sterling,Siobhan Hunter,Joey Silvera,Mike Horner,Jon Martin,Nina Hartley,Shanna McCullough.
But he still insists on preying on the elusive Tranny and keeps bringing us quality T-girls every time he takes a trip! Massachusetts native Darian Caine has always been fascinated with eroticism and horror. The camera doesn’t lie – it’s everyone else that does! See how these girls use their mouth, ass, pussy, and of course their wonderful tits, to please their men!! Five fantastic scenes with six very sexual woman who will blow your mind with the outrageous acts that they perform with what they are given… the first four scenes are guy/gal scenes but, the last is a girl on girl scene… hey I liked it!! They are horny and curious to discover all there is to know about sex. They can’t wait for you to watch them getting into as many positions as they can! And sinners of them all, too, because these insatiable lovelies really know how to break the rules of the game – in all the right ways! RIVIERA HEAT turns up the sex and doesn’t let up!! When the mic is off… Quite frankly, it’s the best contraceptive around.

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