Breed Me Media : Huge Fuckers


Breed Me Media : Huge Fuckers

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Studio : Breed Me Media.
Actors : Nicko Wilde,Luke Harrington,James Django,Chip Young,Bryan Knight,Aaron Burke,Cam Christou,Tony Bishop.
Sandra (Pauline Pepper) is up the creek and in the clutches of the head-honcho (Cary Blastum) of Executive Escape; a notorious sex club that in reality is a terrorist group with plans to blow a battalion of American soldiers to Kingdom Come. If you’ve never heard of Lisa Sparxxx before, after watching this video, you’ll never forget her! Jan is rich and powerful-and submissive in her secret heart. Our camera follows Abbraxa and Jez through the streets of Montreal as they engage in public peeing, anal milk spitting, dildo fucking, fingerfucking and even fisting out in public. More than 200 loads in every DVD! The YMCA gym girl’s locker room is excellent! This movie is filled with lots of boy, on boy, on boy action. Watch as these young teens experience things for the first time and get taken to the extreme of all possible outcomes! Miss Miles sends two naughty girls in to see the Head Master for punishment. These naked college coeds will do anything at a party. Anal, DP, vaginal, ass reaming, fingering, and cock sucking, it’s all here. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. The program is a resounding financial success, proving once and for all that good old fashioned American ingenuity will never let you down. This last guy wanted to take a shower, but we were all out of towels. Big dicks do funny things to nymphettes. A scientist builds the perfect Synthetic Dominatrix in this sexy spin on the classic horror story. Layla Jade has an asshole that craves nothing more than a little insertion here and there. As the housekeeper picks up the dildo with curiosity, the owner walks in on her and freaks out. A clamp is attached to her clit and she lifts a three-pound steel ball. Pricks go where they were never intended in Anal Fantasies Volume 5. Then the floodgates open and it seems that everyone in the neighborhood needs to get a little nookie! See hot babes bathed in cum for loads and loads of jizz-gobbling fun. Hardcore XXX College Co-ed Masturbation action! She starts out with a dildo, but then she sets her eyes on a sybian. Turn about is fair play as Dvorak turns the tables and ends up plowing Jan just before his bachelor party. She grants him his wish by simply spreading her legs! They kiss and fondle and suck and fuck with abandon. Girl on Girl. Candy knows what men need and she’s happy to give it to them…if it gets her what she wants! From the moans and screams of the sizzling anal erotica to the fiery hot girl-on-girl encounters, this decadent game of flesh for fantasy will forever burn into their twisted minds and quivering bodies. After draining your snake dry, they’ll go wild for some serious anal pounding action! Ms. These girls are the party. No Boring dialogue here, just straight up fucking and sucking. What these young sluts miss in the sweater they make up for with their asses, mouths, pussies and their thirst for cock! 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We’re thrilled to bring you another fine collection of teeners for all your er Kim Cummings and Gina Delaney give new meaning to the words “Anal Blast” as they each take 8 hard ones up their ass! His father worked as a conductor for the BMT subway system; his mother was a housewife. Assloads of anal followed up by some loads in the ass! The most spectacular scenes you’ll ever see. Exotic she-male sex filled with not one load, but two loads of cum to complete the dirty deed. Kristen is put in her cage to await a decision. Lots of sexy conversation, rock-hard cocks, hot creamy loads, and cum eating… Watch as this big titty slut oils herself up before getting herself off. Perhaps because of the soapy water, Luciano’s strokes and plunges are even deeper than those in the previous scene. After deep, sloppy dick-sucking and some hot hardcore fucking, Lola tames Rick’s trouser snake and takes his load all over those fabulous cans. 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These girls have nice sets of fake tits, no sloppy jobs, no weird stretch marks, just nice, round, sweater cows. This is all amateur action with some straight guys, college students and even an innocent boy next door. She carefully studies Little Oral Annie’s technique at receiving anal sex in The hot little number that makes all the freshman boys’ pants get tight… Kelly returns to school, and we’re pretty sure she’s majoring in Sex-Ed! In Backyard Pumping, the hot jizz flows, and the guys decide to keep on going by reversing the roles of the “tops” and the “bottoms.” It’s time for more cheerleaders from the ghettos of America! It’s an all-out gaping rectal-fest!! Carl and Terry’s marriage is in danger. Then, he cums in her stretched-open ass and makes her suck it out! JD is soon naked and stuffing Cassie with his stiff prong from behind while they lay side by side on the bed. Chloe Dior is back after a one-year hiatus. Thank you for eating out tonight. 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