Assylumcom : Anal Choketoy


Assylumcom : Anal Choketoy

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Studio : Assylumcom.
Actors : Alexa Nova,Dr. Mercies.
Then we’ve got a couple who goes out to dinner and can’t seem to wait to eat something that’s not on the menu…Each other. Dealing with school, friends, parents and choking on your boyfriends man meat! Meet Sasha, a filthy little 22-year-old whore with a body like…whoa!! For those of you who already know the virtues of sex with men over 40 and especially for those that do not listen up! But his Bitches are even worse because they learned off him. They don’t need implants or surgery to enhance their cocksucking abilities, they were born with it! I have come here to create another moment of intense passion!! Sebastian ends up with Angelo’s legs over his shoulders for a great final fuck while they both get off. She quickly strips down to white thigh high stockings; white lace French cut panties and white lace bra. Hell – they just want cock – in their mouths, in their pussies, and even sometimes up their asses! One thing leads to another and the two end up in each others arms. 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Here are 2 hours of scenes from her earliest and rarest film appearances in “Dance of Love” and “Big Thing” (1973), “Go Fly a Kite” and “Meatball” (1974), “Both Ways” and “Lady on a Couch” (1975) and more as she straps on Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens and other unknown guys and gals. Is he too much of a man for these women to take? Packed with some of the hottest tranny scenes on the shelves! Watch them swallow every drop of cum. Well, we can’t keep these boys secret any longer! This is a twisted 57 minutes!

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