Alpha Blue Archives : Marsha Jordan Triple Feature – Sticky Fingers


Alpha Blue Archives : Marsha Jordan Triple Feature – Sticky Fingers

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Studio : Alpha Blue Archives.
Actors : Tony Vorno,Kris Flanagan,Craig Fordman,Brad Powers,William Guhl,Jim Hopewell,Ralph Thomas,Paul Dickens,Derek Wilde,Jean West,James Eastland,Bob Wray,Marge Wilson,Susan Gaines,Norman Field,Steven Sommers,Marsha Jordan,Norman Fields,Kathy Hilton.
European Erotica. Then, Bruce Hill is also working in the men’s department and gives special service to customer Colin Jennings. This hottie is so good she’s back yet again! Todd Klinck ran the studio, and shot all of the scenes (except for one, which was shot by Mandy in our strip club). Lets face it, Naomi is built like a brick shithouse. They may not speak English, but the language of lust is universal! Well…”Bleu” was at a skateboard contest when he was seduced into showing off his fantastic body! These little honies pussies are just aching to be filled with cock. Watch through doorways, enjoy the gods eye view of security cameras, chuckle at the quips that mark each new scene. This flick takes “getting ripped a new asshole” to a whole other level. There’s always time for girl on girl fun with a strap on when there’s no man around to share in the fun! Horny, black cheerleaders undergo rigorous testing to meet the Woodburn Challenge. In this film you have both young girls and blowjobs. She undresses as the water for her bath runs. He used to think the D in BDSM stood for domination. Control da bitch’s nut and you control her mind. This extra long video is dedicated to the gallons of white cum which has spewed forth from the cock of Ed Powers. If getting completely naked and munching her best friends box on stage will guarantee a victory, then thats what they’ll do! Hairbrushes come into play, burning the tush and raising shrieks of pain that will send chills down your spine! These whores pledged themselves to one dick for the rest of their lives before they had time to experiment…and they’ve finally realized what they missed! Two shots of semen and call me in the morning. These white wives just crave a huge black cock. It is first obvious when the movie begins since she is in the shower and you can see that although she lacks in the ass area she more than makes up for it with her perfect tits. Rachel just goes wild over punked out rebel guys and gets all wet and juicy when she gets a sight of all the tattoos on the mohican freak’s body.

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