Alpha Beta Media : Limited Edition 72 – Aching Jaws


Alpha Beta Media : Limited Edition 72 – Aching Jaws

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Studio : Alpha Beta Media.
Actors : John C. Holmes,Lisa DeLeeuw.
Cum and watch young hustlers, hunks, surfers, students and sailors doing their dirty deeds for cash! Fingers, tongues, pussies, assholes, mouths, and more! These whores are like a pool table – they’ll take it in any pocket! If you’re like us you want your panocha to be nice and dulce. Dustin does most of the fucking but Ronnie does get his turn to top. How would you like your cock deep in between them? A stunning enchantress comes with a redemptive trick up her sleeve, if only the boys can learn to become real men. Hand jobs! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…the award-winning sun, surf, sand and sex series continues. They begin with a little girl-on-girl action, and then move on to hot, throbbing cock. This features Kathleen Kruz and others who are in no way afraid of cum. She also gets her tits clamped, her body clothes-pinned, she gets cello-phaned and whipped some more. Hot Hillbilly action is in store for you in…CARNAL COUNTRY!! Mistress Sonya takes Magdelyn to a new heights of sensual awareness. Bridgette is sent to Earth by her father, Satan, to enlist new souls for Hell. From the jacuzzi to the bedroom, these ladies suck and fuck anyone willing to drop their drawers and join in the action. And we get to watch! After seeing this, you will never think of the “British pound” in the same way again! Vince gives both Fonda and Shonna an anal fantasy fuck they won’t soon forget. Kept securely tied, the slave endures fucking, ass strapping, more fucking, dick sucking, ass eating and is pumped dry twice. His wife is not gonna stand for it. If you think that is nasty, check out the DP, oral, facials and more hardcore sex action in ATM City! These giant titted princesses open every hole to you. Watch 2 hours of butthole jammin and crammin and see why it’s called Gaping Assholes. Tokyo Dream Dolls are back with vengeance as they prove once again how hot a Japanese chick can get and leave you wet with your pants at the ankles. Public Exhibitionism to the Xtreme! Sex-driven Russo shows you how he handles being an aggressive top. Katya chews a whole package of green chewing gum. In all of us there is an animal within, a sexual predator that rips into flesh, who’s not afraid to push sex to the limit, to do things that one might normally be afraid to do. They’re looking for your buried treasure! Lesbians lash out and get lashed in the rough cut from various bondage videos. Well come on in to the series and make sure your sausage is all ready to be cooked. Pregnant women have big round areolas and enlarged nipples and tits. Must be nice! “Make me do what you want!” That’s what these horny little sub sluts are pleading in this film. Soon the camera (and the crew) are rolling! One of the toughest masochists he has ever trained. He’s hot and hairy and can drop his load into a glass for a refreshment afterwards! Those saintly perverts from Fantasy Content proudly bring you “Kizmet Spanking!” Get ready to leave some marks, sex fiends! Am I wrong? Carlos wastes no time in making sure the other boys knows who the new boss man is… In this edition, Mark Anthony and his other hung Black buddies take to these French women like French toast and maple syrup! Goth club girl KATIE JORDON has incurred the wrath of night stalkers DARIAN CAINE (The Erotic Witch Project, GIRLexploresGIRL) and A.J. There’s even an out-of-control sex frenzy orgy that reaches new heights of horniness! The school handy-man, Shusaku, cleans up after the girls and picks up all their dirty secrets, which he uses to blackmail them into some very un-ladylike private performances. So, this is basically Billie’s debut The location is Budapest, where our two reporters, Katarina Martinez and Violetta, are supposed to do a normal repor As if the first 500 hundred wasn’t enought…, sky has to recive another 500 strokes only 3 weeks after her last caning. If so you’ll love these amateur hotties as they get more than a mouthful! And hey check out the lesbian action in one of the later scenes. It doesn’t get any wetter or better than this … It’s embarrassing for the company. This little, innocent Swiss Miss lost her virtues to a smooth talking college dude and his buddy. She writhes with pleasure as she moves the double-ended vibrator in and out of her tight pussy and ass like a piston. They all start with a little self-fingering until they move on to the big enchilada. Mr.Beaver doesn’t really give a fuck about making contacts or closing sales. Hot and hardcore scenes!!! They want to suck and fuck, and they can’t get enough of being reamed in both holes. Joachim Kessef turns his eye towards the girls who fit this bill. These guys and gals will fuck any hole available – mouth, pussy, or ass! These are the women you see at the grocery store or at the mall – young, repressed, and aching to get fucked. Watch these Dick hungry chicks suck big cocks and take steamy loads of goo all over their faces and mouths.

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