AbbyWinterscom : Lubricious Girls


AbbyWinterscom : Lubricious Girls

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Studio : AbbyWinterscom.
Actors : Renae D.,Ella C.,Hania,Luna.
For fans of 80’s hardcore, this is a must see! That’s all that Ella wants — two hard, man-snakes for her pleasure!!! This DVD is only the hottest and newest interracial feature available! Yazmin only speaks Spanish so I didn’t know what the fuck it was that she was saying, but the harder I fucked her the better it sounded! In this twist filled erotic thriller, a college student is hired to drive a professor’s extra car to his niece downstate. They eventually get down to it in a feverish fling that features lots of great views of her burgeoning bra busters. Here are five prime examples of the Men of the Brazilian Militar Sin City Angels Shay, Kristi and Ava headline this incredible feature. The next day you wake up, yer ass is bleeding, and you look down at a lot of smeared make up on the sheets wondering just what the hell you fucked last night? In the brotherhood of fraternities, it’s the pledges’ duty to pleasure thei Tight teen Carman is no amateur when it comes to sucking, fucking and drinking cum. With more Dicks than Dock Green, this comic crime caper definitely has more slag than swag. Girl Power 25! Mr.Jack is not so lucky as he has pissed Mistress off and is made to pay with a vicious lashing that leaves his ass red and sore! Caleno is another 20 year old US Marine with Latin baby smooth skin. We’ve got eight of these young white girls of every shape or size you could ask for, and they just can’t get enough of black dicks in their pussies, asses, or mouths. Why not take out your hard piece of man meat and see who’s going to cum first you or Tania? Small town girl Mary Beth is suddenly abducted by an unidentified source in the sky. Guy after guy screwing themselves blue!!! Kai Wu’s XXX Volume 2 includes a blowjob ending in a cum covered chest, a lesbian threesome with Vixen and Roxanne, and shaving clean in the shower. Watching the male students, he sensed their need for relief and excitement. She’s a dancer, she’s a stripper and she’s a filthy little whore! Kristina is extremely horny and extremely thankful as she takes both cocks at once and a nasty double facial to finish with. Reiko: From France comes a 24-year-old Vietnamese lovely named Reiko. Wait til you see how quickly they spread those ass cheeks for a hard cock play (no pun intended.) They end up being total bottoms. The fucking and sucking and the rimming make this a hot trip into a storage company one trip you will never forget. Ask and you shall receive…100% pure anal action! Dirty Little Double Dippers is destined to become your all-time favorite favor! Pretending she is a bad little girl, she takes the paddle out of her desk and spanks herself while wearing her bloomers. This isn’t the U.S. folks, so some of the time honored rules don’t apply. When it comes to Mr.18″, he is the myth and all the horny women know it. You already know that Troy Terafirma walks on a different road than most people. Now. Welcome to another wet edition of Virgin Stories. Each scene starts with the camera right up the girl’s pussy and a great angle of her wet panties! Sin City Ultra presents Finnish Sex Bomb Karina in her first starring role as the sexual animal Angela, whose perverse imagination leads her to expose her dark, hungry desires in love letters to infamous novelist D.Klein. Making out; also known as necking, tonguing, frenching, and pullin’ hooks to name a few. There are gallons of pop shots here, and you don’t want to miss a single drop! Her arrival in the city was marked by a robbery from a beautiful dyke who had no qualms about stealing her worldly possessions, including her virginity and dignity. Soon, Nurse Blue discovers that the hospital is filled with hysterical patients who believe they’re doctors and nurses. Just out of boot camp and innocent! The first and only All-Black All-Girl Bondage Video series returns as these ladies of ebony whip up a fresh batch of butt smacking, tongue lashing, painful pleasure! Little by little the pledge master forces his cock into David’s mouth then, once he’s used to it, David sucking like crazy. They mash their big tits together to try and get off. So they enlist the counseling aid of hunky lovers Kent Larson and Jason Branch to help them find the path to “loving and spiritual relationships.” I think we’re all smart enough to know that this path is paved with hard cocks and hungry buttholes. Various positions and places are experimented with as they disrobe each other. These honeys strut their stuff and shake that booty right in your face. These sluts don’t know when to quit! Hey, if you have not see the other films in this series it’s ok but you should see them. The time for vegetables are over. Lucy Thai takes Big Black Dick! She claims to be the blowjob queen of the Mid-West. This blonde sure knows how to turn up the heat! We are dropping loads and we are busting nuts! Toys, fingers, strap-ons, luscious mouths, and not a cock in sight! And when the icing-covered birthday dessert gets smashed all over naked, writhing bodies, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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