7th Street Media : Two For One


7th Street Media : Two For One

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Studio : 7th Street Media.
Actors : Jon West,Cole Conners,Van Damage,Sergio.
Five hot girls in 5 hot scenes with a lot of hardcore fucking. Watch as these sweet sluts show you how good they really are! Watch them play with each other. These hard bodied studs are hiding something. Steamy scenes of intercourse, masturbation, orgies, oral erotica and girl on girl action, prove over and over again why Cicciolina is the most sensual star in the universe. Some of these latino hunnies have just turned 18 yrs old, and right away they are ready to suck and fuck. Some of the biggest names in adult get down to going down in a tape full of nothing but oral sex – and lots of it! One gal even fucks a guy with her feet…. And for a tip, she gets a big Austin Explosion on her cute kisser. When you first see these oversized fake dicks, you think that no human could possibly get off fucking them. Look out for excellent bathroom blowjobs and over the toilet ass stuffing. Armani & Jasmyn: hot Midwestern girls fool around in a hotel room and discover each other’s soft spots. Sometimes a mistress can need so much catering, pampering, loving, serving, doing… This is strictly third degree or, if you will, “Muy Caliente!” These creampie lovers also get anally invaded! After a fucking John’s mouth with her hot cock for a little while our Tranny Top decides she wants some hot cock herself and drops to her knees to greedily gobble John’s thick tool, giving it a very hot tranny tongue bath! Filmed entirely on location, we present to you an in depth study of female domination. Julian lets the wayward lad clean up, then tops him in lieu of a security deposit. The POV style puts you in the actions as these girls stretch their way to orgasm. Let’s do this! In a fitness center spa, Lee and a friend get special attention from Lydia, the service personnel manager. She has found her lover…the Sybian. As you’ve come to expect from Red Light District, look for DP’s, double-vaginal, messy facials and several hot threesomes! 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It’s great when you can find a mature bitch in good shape, one that used to be a gymnast or something along those lines, and thought the years has not missed a beat and kept that good habit of keeping that body rock hard.

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