Zane Entertainment : Bi Heat Volume 8


Zane Entertainment : Bi Heat Volume 8

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Studio : Zane Entertainment.
Actors : Bret Sims,Aaron Gage,Lou Cass,Eric Ryan,Krista Lane,Sharon Mitchell.
Moya and Princess do a 2 way pussy hit on Don. Military guys may be a little more discrete, but they’re just as horny and the cash available for the video work goes a long way down there. So, what does the future hold for sleaze-star Viper? Max gets her to take some “pretty” pictures. My Uncle Dave (Dave Cummings) invites me over to ass fuck sweet Carolina and Dave Joins in and shoots a Gob-a-goo on her too! Gaby decides to blow him. Assholes being reamed by huge thick cocks! In these five scenes he and his friends explain and demonstrate favorite techniques for creating pleasure for a partner. Morgan tops Lee in this session and both deliver nice loads of spunk. Kamrun and Angel Boy… Will the owner of the photography studio and his assistant learn the truth of what happened to their friends and will they survive the answer? In California College Student Bodies #34, we meet Jamie, an adorable girl with a sweet face and tight body. Butch really gets into the rim job, slurping Tracey’s ass like a starving man. Scott Pumps Not until she met Tim at a swinging orgiastic party at her country retreat, and her life turned around in this tale of twisted temptation. Well this guy decided to have another woman he sees on the opposite side of the country, hence the title. Two hot straight guys who stroke their meat for a buck. However in this movie two guys are in a paddle boat grunting away when another paddle boat pulls up beside them and the paddler is naked from the waist down playing with his cock. Placing them both on video was an awesome experience for me. Come with us as we follow these hot young men around the streets of L.A. Hear clearly explained at last what Female Ejaculation really is – and what it isn’t, See Keisha Dominguez and Saki, two of our stars, actually experience earth-shaking orgasms for the first time in their lives with G Spot stimulation. No doubt this all-girl action stars the finest Latina sluts around. Travis hires a drywall crew that is supposed to be finishing his addition, but Steve is spackling more than the walls. So suck it up and SWALLOW THE LEADER!!! Right… Whether it’s off tits, slits, or asses, these hot little bitches will suck up every drop of the steaming puddles of cum. Latin balls, they got it! An old scene I found with Heaven Leigh’s first anal scene is well worth waiting for!!! They will tease you in sexy lingerie that will make you so hot you will want them to take it off and show you everything! Fat sluts get their asses pounded. Mandy gives the young men she will be spanking about five minutes of loose direction before-hand – she does not tell them exactly what will be happening, only the general plot, the fact that she WILL be spanking them, and the direction that their behaviors must be motivated at all times by a desire to keep their jobs…then we roll the camer211 Offer them your stiff cock and make them lick it like a lollypop. Orgies! Watch as ass pounding, pussy licking and cock sucking make everybody feel better after the This gets her horny, so she takes a couple of guys and they shoot hott loads of cum in her mouth and her cunt – No wonder they call her Climaxxx! When fucking each other with dildos is not enough, Leila bring out a huge double header to satisfy them both. The ass reaming continues as Hungarian sluts and one Ukrainian whore take it in the ass like true Euro sluts. She jus loves to suck his cock and has no problem showing how much she loves to suck. Mature escort/masseur Spike gets it on with young model Devo in my living room. In part one, two female students are forced to undress and exercise in front of a male gym teacher before he canes them! Everything is revealed! This video includes never seen before Lacey footage. Buzz has been cumming’ ’round since those first interviews and now he’s ready to show you he can suck cock is the money is right…or is he doing it ’cause he likes it? She uses her seductive powers to lure men in and make them cum to their truest potential!! Sure there are drawbacks, like being called “whore,” “anal slut” and “colostomy bag lady.” But those other girls are jealous. She sucks on her tits at the same time she plays with her pussy, which make for some great cum scenes. Then the real FUN begins! If you choose to be naughty, you’ll be breathing pussy for the rest of your days. As the saying goes, “ass is ass…it’s all good!” Eric and Tommy are hot military buddies. After meeting a hung black guy, she could not wait to get his stiff dick deep inside her pussy for a rousing slam fuck. We’re not talking light, beginner’s sex either. These Gorgeous amateurs came right out of the Kremlin and can’t even speak a word of English, but sure know the meaning of sex! Forget about the city. This is a true hardcore Japanese erotic masterpiece! Sexy secretary Catlynn has to be seen to be believed! Luckily, they have many weapons in their arsenal. Each Girl Takes Internal Cum Shots In Her Pussy, Ass And Throat! This installment is especially heavy on men in uniform with at least three scenes devoted to our military men. French Finishing School is a place where young girls receive the best education in the arts of refined living. When his wife’s father finds out about his daughter’s lack of sexual fun, he gives Thomas an ultimatum. There are these two girls who… nope not gunna do it. There is nothing like freshly squeezed vine ripened juice…and these girls are loaded with it. Have you ever had the fantasy of designing your own X-Rated movie? These are hardcore carpet munching lesbos – cum help them find the clit! But you’ll love their sizzling solos. These chocolate, cum-drunk honeys can’t get enough of your love! Merde! Hot-bodied studs living in a cramped cabin find that a little hard work can help to pass the time. They don’t care if it’s a guy or a girl! He/She is taking it up the butt by two full throbbing dicks at one time! We’re nuts about British Butts! She uses her fingers and toys to explore her body. It’s about cum, it’s about ass and it’s all hot! Sexual Impulse is a sudden look at sexual behavior when boundaries become blurred and the rules are broken. Go behind the scenes with the world’s most beautiful transsexual! As long as they get their groove on, nothing else matters. When the snack is 5 other uncut chiseled studs who are willing to let you suck their hard cocks and give up tight 19-year-old plow hole, life could not get better. The action is hot and non-stop. See them for yourself now in all their defamed glory, with all their precious holes blown out and their faces covered with enormous cum shots! Starring Vincent DeMarco, Omar, Jay Richards, Kevin Alexander, Chris Stone, Blake Andrews, Alex Turner, Scott Williams, Chad Archer, Josh Kole and Eric Stavros. Watch this awesome hybrid of hardcore, kinky sex and ultra stylistic cinematography that will have you weak at the knees. This video is jam-packed with hot scenes of screwing and sucking, with cum-filled freshly poked vaginas! These girls just didn’t get enough action in Part 1! An international smorgasbord of whores! If you love shoes right down to their very soles, then you’ll love this soleful delight. Like a fine wine, Dave Cummings’ sexual flavor has been aged to perfection. Two beautiful black men in fabulous bondage action! Using a bit of black magic and a lot of hypnotic beauty, Helena begins seducing the female citizenry in bodice-ripping acts of pagan eroticism and hot-tongued debauchery that makes bodies quiver in ecstasy. AfroCentrix Volume 140 is Nuttin’ But A Goo Time, as you’ll cum to see as these sexy dark chocolate bitches fuck a brutha’s cock dry, trying to get that sweet, gooey cream filling. She samples slick slots and thick shafts, and asks for seconds (with a little ass-istance from Gwen Summers, Shelby Myne, Rubee Tuesday and Brooklyn Rhodes)! In threes and fives these girls take it up there, down here and everywhere! This is a hot one that you do not want to miss! Enjoy this Private production shot on location in the USA packed with hardcore sex, anal and double penetrations! Never have you experienced so much Boobs and Butts, not to mention some of the best you’ve ever seen There is plenty of footage taken from under her dirty soles as well as crisp and clear closeup shots. There is no escaping a hardcore, slammin’ fuck in that town, you think you know, but when you least expect it, you might have to say, “it’s your wife.” If you enjoy oral adventures, this should be finger-licking good! Watch this hot Australian surfer girl lead four curvaceous cuties through “Backstage Passes,” a scorching look at life on the set of a TV soap opera! Rodney Moore the King of the facial goo shot is back with another fuck flick with 5 different girls, of course the blow jobs all have a very happy ending! Watch as this sluts takes and gives rough blows. From hanging the sling to building a chain link prison. As soon as dicks come out however, scriptwriter Jerry Friday slips away to top the make-up man Sebastian Dunken! That’s why we got 8 of the youngest and hottest anywhere and put them together in one room. This film stars young Lyn Russell with her tremendous chest in her first all girl feature. Jean is a big-busted petite blonde that looks pretty damn hot in her black see-through panties! Teaming up on a stud, two of the stars turn on all the burners in a mind blowing XXX finale!! Watch these gay studs suck & fuck each other hard, feasting on each other’s passions, stretching their holes deep and wide, splashing thick creamy loads over smooth, sweaty bods. By the time Chad leaves Rio, every inch of his apartment has seen a steamy sex scene, just as every inch of his cock has been sucked dr Spillin’…spewin’… Seven days in the life of a pussy! Come along with Harold for the sex ride of a lifetime and find out for yourself, twist by surprising plot twist, until the shocking ending! The final scene will blow you away as Kumi grows faint at the point of a needle! Set in 1834, Tatiana (Tania Russof) and her family live peacefully in an old windmill located on the property of the Marquis of Icecrown, until one day her father, the miller, has to ask the Marquis to lend him 1,200 escudos due to a series of poor harvests. Shot on location in a gorgeous European Dungeon, Sweet Surrender will have you drenched in desire at every whiplash, like Rosaleen drips with sweat beneath her latex bindings! Join him in this new hobby of self appreciation. Nika, our favorite hot-blonde Russian must have fire running through her veins. The “fan fuxxx” girl performs just for your pleasure. This limited edition video is without doubt the finest collection of scenes ever assembled. So get ready for a little dance and a lot of blow! It has always been her biggest fantasy. This series has lesbo action from down under in Australia. Chihaya Hiragi transforms into the magical warrior of love, Carmine, by kissing Natsuki. This is a double model, full orgasm, Sybian extravaganza! I laugh at 30 yr.-old hags who all get jealous when I have their men do things for me. This cumshot cumpilation features all the hottest anal and cum-blasting scenes we could get our sticky hands on! We’re doing it Euro style! A hot young director proves she can do what it takes when all that stands in her way of her big break is what she’ll do for it, and an adult film crew that happened to book the same stage! These girls will do anything – and we mean ANYTHING, to be the big winner. We’re continuing with the tradition started last volume by presenting another half dozen footjobs. They found 5 of the cutest white sluts that love to go ghetto. In fact, instead of the “fast fuck”, these girls go for something that is a little more “prolonged”. Oriental porn virgins pop their cherry blossoms in ASIAN FEVER #8. On the way to the parking lot, she fools around with her pretty manicured feet and then the rest of this scene is a long close-up of her feet while she is driving hom

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