Venus Girls Productions : Mommy Knows Best Vol. 5


Venus Girls Productions : Mommy Knows Best Vol. 5

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Studio : Venus Girls Productions.
Actors : Naomi Banxxx,Minka,Kandi Cox.
It must be a two-for-Tuesday! Count On It! Getting these two hot guys together was a really happy day. Some guys, perverts like you, just don’t give a shit. Unimpressed with her claim that they’re souvenirs for her Aunt, he plies her various orifices with the tools of his trade to convince himself of her innocence! When you have a nurse in sexy lingerie and a strap-on, a patient who needs some serious anal probing, and a doctor with a huge cock who’s willing to do anything to make his patients feel better…you have one hot video on your hands! These hot and horny whores can’t wait to take in all the cock they can! While he’s shooting his photos, you’ll be shooting your load! Then there was the wild carnal competition with two hung honchos that left the score: Guys 2 Amber 0. Phillippe offers a spectacle of SM and total violence!!!! Some great vocals and awesome close ups of the anal toy fucking her tight asshole. 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