Venus Girls Productions : Fuck On The Cuck 2


Venus Girls Productions : Fuck On The Cuck 2

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Studio : Venus Girls Productions.
Actors : Savannah Foxxx,Lacie James,Alura Jenson,Jason Katana,Jimmy Broadway,Jack Vegas,Marcelo.
Because we’re Crazy about choco cunts here! An over the top tattle tale! Nestor Lewis is the record industry’s most prominent producer (and the biggest dick). In this video there are five scenes of unadulterated pussy rubbing revelry that’s sure to get your blood flowing and your temperature rising. Now, do you have any other little sisters? Blow jobs, doggie style, cunnilingus, groups and more as Dez shows you how to party. Miss this one and you will be doing yourself a huge disservice. Watch as these little white girls get banged, screwed and stretched to their vaginal limit by the biggest black cocks they’ve ever seen in their young lives.209 These girl’s are going to show you how bad girls are suppose to act. The huge pliable breats of Melanie Anton, Dee Dee Reeves, in her one and only XXX performance and of course we can’t forget Candee Lopes and Kelly Lauder…. Anna Mills introduces us to a fantasy of rough anal sex with Steve Hatcher. She gets thirsty and grabs her bottle of water looking at the balloons on the floor. Since the dawn of time, when Eve first led Adam from the Garden of Eden, the oldest profession has flourished in every part of the known world. MILF squirting slut Anna’s back! Follow a bunch of horny sluts as they live out their sexual antics…anal style! She made me so fucking horny that I just had to get fucked hard. Sexy & hot! Mistress Mandi and Mistress Amber shine in this 75 minute excursion into servitude! Why not bend a girl over and take her for a ride! After all, who knows how to eat a pussy better than someone who actually has one? All flights are delayed. Indulge in 2 hours of all black XXX action! But no matter how you look at it, they’ve both had a truly erotic field day of nonstop, relentless carnality. These caliente cuties will show you that they know how to keep the cushion pushin’ all night long. It’s a chance to get really close to me, and the women you love! Get ready for Sperm Swappers 2! Six girls get off the bus from Anytown and head straight to their first adult film. Then his black friend comes in and takes his turn with her. Don’t miss out on some pure, blonde donut-bumpin’ action.332 But unlike Jenna, she does her first anal scene right here just for you! Check out these hot amateur babes… This movie is a watersports party! While they are doing so, slave Darby doesn’t seem to be adapting to dildo worship. Estonia, Tallinn to be exact, a small country near the Baltic Sea that borders Russia, the home of “Evil Dr.No Love.” But agent 0023 is not going after the evil one, at least not this time…no, his mission is to take out R.E.C.T.O.R.S. It’s something that’s tasty and sweet, and at the same time hot and spicy! Finally, blonde Svetlana seduces him so he can truly experience the House of Love. 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Finally, she takes off her shoes and walks all over his body, standing on his head with all of her weight again, bouncing up and down on him like a trampoline and finishing him off with some serious foot worship. Her recollections take us back to a steamy session with her executive client where Monique recalls the techniques she employed to rid her busy and beautiful female client of the stress of responsibilities. They are ATM Machines. He thinks he’s auditioning for straight porn, but he can’t seem to resist Vinnie’s charms and ends up seduced into his first man-to-man encounters! They both furiously search the building, looking for the others. Plenty of action! Two guys and a girl, two girls and a guy. A young and horny variety of women love to make love. Claudia Rossi gets her pussy pounded in all directions and then downs her shot of hot cum! Few 70’s era porn stars made as lasting impression as Vanessa, who is still a pop culture reference and porno icon today. 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