Trashy Pictures : Anal Invasion 1


Trashy Pictures : Anal Invasion 1

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Studio : Trashy Pictures.
Actors : Nikki Hunter,Lena Ramon,Katja Kassin,Lee Stone,Sandra Romain.
The guys are horny and want it. Corey falls deeper and deeper into a world of dominance and submission as the lure of money brings her more and more bizarre experiences. 15 pretty young pussies! More big tits in your grill! This video, the very first installment of the Luxuria series, is a hot amateur video with a steamy blowjob, hardcore anal, and a great facial cumshot to finish it off! And when there’s more than two, three or four will do! Join director Kat Slater on a trip to the best-staffed cathouse in the country. And finally there’s Wanda, a sexy eurosmoker who is on fire to play and push her buttons…lots of swirling smoke and orgasmic fun. “Frat Boys Getting Off” is the result and features nine of the house’s best in steamy group and solo action. Anna decides in this video to have all the cum, watch as 2 men pound her silly and she eats up all the loads as her reward. Banging a wet pussy is great, but nothing beats when she lets you poke her in the tight brown eye! She gives a great There is so much action from blowjobs, to anal, to threesomes, to deep throating…this movie really has it all. The “Butthole Pirates” are here to hijack your tight hairy asshole! She’s back, and as Amazing as ever! Two special scenes! “The Collector” features an all-star cast cavorting in lush locations and performing with the kind of electricity and passion that makes this feature a “must-have” for your collection! These fantasies include the hot Asian girl that needs a lift and will suck you dry to get it, the sexy blonde who comes to your door to “give you a survey”, the young Puerto Rican girl who will fuck you silly just to use your shower, and the tattooed slut who needs to get laid when she gets locked out of her apartment. A dildo and then two strap-ons are used in several positions to make him their bitch. Peter North’s series continues with him finding only the creme-de-la-cre`me snatch to sink his legendary endowment into! Watch this action-packed BDSM video as Black Velvet winds up on the doorstep of what could be your worst nightmare: Mistress Vanisha. Fans of Annie Sparkle have always known her special talents. One scene of two lesbian asshole licking lovers, plus two different scenes of three girls each (all different girls) licking those rose bud brown holes. Prepare to chuckle and cum. On a drunken bender, Randy has his girlfriend’s name “Taylor” tattooed on his dick! Once Peter Dickem gets a hold of her, you’ll see how true this really is. Naughty Taylor gets in a fight with her parents and decides to rebel in the ultimate way- by starring in a porno! These hotties show off their ethnic cocks as they stroke, fondle and grope. Spank their ass and hear them scream. No fake stuff here! The dungeon master starts out easy with her and his flogs and paddles and moves on up to nipple torture…and rat traps on her innocent labia!349 Pack it in… Way back in the early 90s cover model Cash was the epitome of tough, butch, non-verbal fuckaholics. Be the first to see Kelsy Waye, a busty, natural southern cutie! Hot and horny, Sarah and Gia get themselves all wet with their new toy. Before you go and say, “Cry me a river, you fucking pussy!”, understand that I know there are shittier jobs out there and that’s an understatement. This is one full feature movie you don’t want to miss… Cameron is 23 and a college student with dark hair, flashing eyes and a nice cut dick. This video has a blonde slut playing with herself, and giving head to some guy. Horny and revved up for war, these ladies serve up medical services to the wounded. I’m gagging! As his eyes caress their large breasts and shapely bottoms, he imagines them tightly tied and submitting to his every pleasure! 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