TransSensual : TS Bad Girls


TransSensual : TS Bad Girls

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Studio : TransSensual.
Actors : Jacquelin Braxton,Suzie Spindrift,Chelsea Poe (Trans),Tiffany Starr (Trans),Mz Berlin,Wolf Hudson.
The series is back in a triumphant return featuring the ladies that love a woman’s hand between their legs. LITERALLY! Chicken heads they may be, but they give a mighty mean blowjob! Dick sucking lips and the girls that use them: that’s what it’s all about! She’s a 23 year old and she has no problem with getting naked. He’s fucking the shit out of inanimate objects, and then he’s got a bevy of buxom beauties waiting so that he can fuck some more. These beautiful Doms have an array of exciting tricks to astound and delight the connoisseurs of the torture chamber…… 10 scenes of oral intensity will leave you spent but yearning for more. In fact, she breaks the paddle on his butt!

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