Trans500 : Monstercock: Trans Takeover 7 – Colombian Edition


Trans500 : Monstercock: Trans Takeover 7 – Colombian Edition

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Studio : Trans500.
Actors : Irina Chanell (Trans),Daniela (Trans),Caroline (Trans),Ramon,Camila (Trans).
There are no fake orgasms here – this is the real thing! Remember tight pussy? Jessie-19 and a total pro. This sequel to “Gidget goes Hawaiian” finds our girl Gidget, on an island with an assortment of characters, including Milligan. She casts right out of her office and explains why she loves performing in adult films. Follow the titillating adventure of Daina, and his sexy girls! I might be blowing you next! She’s got a lustful craving deep inside that need to be filled! Take a look at some new talent and hope one day you get to experience Buddy Luv…abroad. Take the sphinc-tour of my new anal abode. He apparently took full advantage of an awkward situation. Or maybe you’re interested in a hot and sultry lesbian bubble bath, with plenty of finger and tongue action. Then we watch as the CUM-M-M ooooozes out!!! I don’t know what Muranishi means, but who the hell cares? And, there are a lot of couches in the studio network. By the end you will believe that sex is all about your other head. Pump up the music, add a couple of drinks, and the party goes down in the super exclusive V.I.P. By a doctor! In an attempt to uncover this sinister world that lives in the cover of darkness, Monica Dawn (Christina Black) falls victim to these creatures of the underworld. Hustler’s Superfuckers #20 is loaded with ass-to-mouth antics, double penetrations and plenty of gaping cornholes. Eventually everything comes off, and she poses on the bed until the en Following the example of the Wassermans, the girls set out on a quest to quell the strange new cravings that are awakening within their young, tender loins. What better time than now to fuck his brains out and make him sweat a little more! There’s the “boobie wave”, the oil down pileup, and plenty of whipped cream. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. I rammed my fat cock down her throat and taught the little whore that to become sone takes sacrifice. 14 pretty young pussies, watch these girls as they get filled with cocks and cum! He grabs the paddle and spanks both of their tight bottoms ending with a big whack on both of them, then goes to make dinner. Writer and Director David Aaron Clark pays homage to Blaxploitation Superheroines like Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones with Salome DeLuxxx. They really put their weight behind their fucking, smothering you with love.

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