Teazeworld Entertainment : My Daily Nut #5


Teazeworld Entertainment : My Daily Nut #5

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Studio : Teazeworld Entertainment.
Actors : Ryan McClane,Nina Elle,Lolly Ink ,Sarah Jessie,Prince Yahshua,Vicky Vixen.
Blond and studly Jason is a 24-year-old bisexual hustler. This hot video explores exactly that possibility. Four young men on the Algarve, vacationing in Portugal, discover a luxurious residence specializing in sex. European women love it when you tap their ass! He tracks the operator down, becomes obsessed with her, involved with her, and ultimately deceived by her when he finds that the voice on the phone is not the voice in his bed. In this episode, Bill first talks to a teen who gets cold feet – but not before showing us his dick! This beautiful girl can’t get enough of chomping down on the big piece of man meat, and she loves to be watched while slurping on the love muscle!! Another award-winning DVD from the twisted mind of SPIKE BICHON. Lactamania 26 features seven pairs of milky mammo’s!!! Anyway, the good people at Legend found some filthy whores who, in addition to sucking dick and getting fucked eight ways from Sunday, love to give some rusty trombone! 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