Straight Naked Thugs : Fed Two Straight Thug Dicks


Straight Naked Thugs : Fed Two Straight Thug Dicks

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Studio : Straight Naked Thugs.
Actors : Potter,Marke,Wiley.
This video is not only kinky, it’s down-right creative in its use of general hardware! So, enjoy it! Both Shaved and “All Natural”, you see it all! So they do it because the best way to get something is to be nice and nasty. Covered in CUM she asks, “Do I get an A?” Yeah, A+ for deep throating, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl. First Rey sits on the Cuban pole, then he lets Cisco fuck him from behind, then they do it on their sides and finally Cisco pile drives Rey’s hole. This high-jinks caper has Brittany’s cock taster tasting all the wares and not rejecting anyone! He discovers that there’s so much pussy on the net it’s incredible. Humiliation, suspensions, merciless whipping, and forced girl on girl action. A movie that portrays them as the greedy, lascivious, immoral, hedonistic, cum-gargling, anus-stretching, pussy-eating, miscreants they truly are! This day is not as bad as he originally thought! But soon she’s shown inside a cage screaming and begging to be let loose. 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