Shadow Lane : Super Spanking Revue 5


Shadow Lane : Super Spanking Revue 5

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Studio : Shadow Lane.
Actors : Rifferus,Violet October,Henry Rider,Christy Cutie ,Joelle Barros,Walter Whipple,Miss Chris,Koko Kitten,Casey Calvert,Sophia Locke,Ten Amorette,Eve Howard,Ms. Venus Divine,Nikki Rouge,Zille DeFeu,Maggie Mayhem,Snow Mercy,Ashley Edmonds,Sarah Gregory,Cheyenne Jewel,Samantha Grace,Lawrence Selden,Ralph Marvell,Butch Simms,Chelsea Pfeiffer,Clare Fonda,Stephanie Locke,Keith Jones.
Luscious, well built, black girls with bingity, bangity busts! These attention sluts don’t stop till the spotlight goes out. These whores may know alot, but there’s always more to learn! From Daytona to the Keys, GM Video brings you the Very Best of all the Spring Breaks getting Naked and Nasty or into some kind of trouble! It is a beautiful thing when a flower finally blossoms! With a lot of face fucking and explosive cum shots, Me Blonde Love Cum is a must-see for all you horny men who can’t get enough of sexy blondes who swallow! Each scene runs for about ten minutes, so more can be crammed in one movie. Eight cute guys from Seattle, one large house – who’s doing whom? All the chicks in this vid are fresh, nasty and ready to fuck and suck the night away. Just like the slut ass babes in this heater.

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