Sappho Love Films : Real Lesbians In Love 1


Sappho Love Films : Real Lesbians In Love 1

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Studio : Sappho Love Films.
Actors : Ambra,Lisa.
In this DVD the girls play like boys! However, the same rules do not apply to female doctors and patients. Once you’re done spanking that ass you should probably stick a finger or two up her ass for good measure. We took advantage of Kim’s perfectly pierced nipples by hanging a heavy chain between them and tugging them mildly. Fully Loaded 2 is packed with cum, cum, and some more cum! Next thing we know, they’re naked, the film is rolling, and everyone is having a blast. Watch many hot ass fucking, ass licking, nasty orgies, threesomes, shaving, and all sorts of cock chugging and deepthroating. Some hot wax on her freshly shaved pussy and ass will have her writhing. They live by their g -code: “We are not concerned with sweatin’ out our weaves. It is here where our story begins, except that this is not your average Hollywood casting call. Christy loves load after load of hot, gooey cum. Here’s another hot edition of the sexiest newcummer title out there, brought to you by Fallen Angel and Adam & Eve. Not a minute to waste when it comes to getting new girl Raquel Devine, to stovepipe her ass with some Max Meat! To their surprise, tons of hot, big titted women show up and the guys find out that these girls will do anything to impress the judges. In all seriousness, these teenie bitches display a sexual prowess well beyong their years … Trying to maintain its independence, the new king, Isiodore, is offered a princess from each empire as his bride. Watch porn’s hottest lil’ sluts take on full sized chicks and hard dicks in a sucking, fucking, cum swallowing fuck fest!!! When Tim’s beloved dog, Booty, runs away, he does what any reasonable man would do in that situation: he hits the streets to find his Booty! These go-go boys are shaking their moneymaker to the beat of those funky tunes. Age has never slowed these babes down! Beautiful girls spread wide and cumming a series not to be missed! The number one selling blowjob series on the market is back and sloppier than ever. Brenda: This coed sweetie begins by shoving a vibrator into her hairy warm cunt and then for the first time, slipping a vide into an extremely tight furry butthole. RATED XXX, FOR EXTRA FUN. As a young man, Duane never was very lucky with the ladies, and now as an adult, things have not changed much. Billy Adkins has to go have his grade changed to an “A” to be able to play in the big game. The year is 1961. “The Lounge” is a unique club space located near Toronto, Canada, promoted by Shemale Entertainer Amanda Taylor (aka Mandy Goodhandy). Licking and eating wet pussy? That’s right you little slut, take that COCK until you GAG! These bodacious babes and their huge gazongas work several hungry cocks that the ladies are willing to oblige! Lots of sexy conversation, deep-down blowjobs and plenty of cum eating. Chloe and her best friend Tommy have a plan. Sara Blue is a nasty little sex toy while Vanessa couldn’t wait to be taught how to suck and fuck the night away. If you’re looking for some fun, look no further! He shoots a huge load all over her mout These mouth-watering ladies are completely at ease with their sexual fantasies and they’ll do everything to prove it! Now she found that she doesn’t even want it anymore, and she’s throwing it all away for a tawdry life of sex and cheap thrills. Samantha has big round tits and likes to play with herself. These hoochie Mamas not only love to suck big dick, they love to swallow the whole load! These troops are in training, but the question is what they are actually in training for?! Her extensive use of the inflatible latex bodybag and hoods keeps him firmly under her control! These brothas go both ways and love every minute of it. The feeling of it as it rubs against my rectum. The symphony of the girls from a prestigious music academy are caught in a trap of the old lunatic man…SHUSAKU! Having to wait for 2 hours for a ride, they have to do something to while away the time…the warehouse shuffle. Cytherea, “Entertainer of the Year”, proves her worth as she ejects a column of hot pussy juice right into your face! Torn from the files of Cal Stare Powersville, these true case studies may shock some viewers. A fourth man has entered the party so as not to deny Nicole her two cocks. Join this gun-totin’, camouflage-wearing Commando for a jack-off extravaganza! After a sponge bath, a douche, and some oral pleasure, Nurse Kitty removes her nurse’s uniform to reveal a uniform of a strikingly different nature: a corset, fishnets, and a leather miniskirt. The like to take it anywhere you can fit it and will give you a doggie bag to take home if you can’t finish it all at once! Looky here, slamming bitches who devour cocks, fuck like rock stars, and love to banged in the ass! Because once her hot, horny urge arises, Susanna will do anything for sex. After he flatters her about her appearance she really turns on the charm to let him know that she is interested in giving him some head. Anthony Spinelli is back with the hottest names in adult video… And, with double cum-shot coverage, their prick-pops are a wonderful mouth watering, masturbatin’ mix of quality and quantity. Watch as some of our best get together and get them self’s into some hardcore threesomes. Wanting to find out more about how to get into our film. Some women use a cleansing scrub, but I have a better way to keep my skin soft! We’ve taken some of the nastiest, hottest, stickiest amateur classics from our original series, combined them with new amateur footage never before released, to make the hottest four-hour amateur extravaganza known to man! The Bomber Girl is willing to try whatever you want and if not…there are always the handcuffs and blindfold! So what if he’s a goofy, trouble-bound klutz with a funny accent? They’re really going to find out the meaning of ‘double the pleasure, double the fun!’ So they fuck it, all of it. She Males, Chicks with Dicks, Trannies, whatever name they go by these are some fascinating creatures! Whether it was on a microphone or a cock, she just loved holding stiff ones. Our lucky cameras are surrounded by 100’s of hot young coeds dancing the night away in little more than thong bikinis, and we’re lucky enough to meet Catherine a hot young 18 year old party girl with huge 38D natural breasts and a nonstop exhibitionist attitude. Erotic and nasty action. So watch the girls and guys suck a lot of cock and eat plenty of pussy!!! Like how to suck cock and eat cum. Ivy has sweet innocence that hides her submissive nature. There’s no doubt you’ll wish you were part of their sucking and fucking chain gang club! Ron Jeremy brings his typically wacky sense of humor to his non-sex role as a nefarious apartment owner in this searing collection of lesbian romps. What an amazing prize at the end of a good blowjob. It’s one of the best fuck films Falcon has ever put out. With a spank a stank here and a spank a stank there. So watch as these top-heavy beauties do the hardcore deed of your dreams. The Bogas Bros can’t get enough of Granny’s well educated lips. These girls are all first timers! The unusual tension and uneasiness of the situation spoil even their souls. Most of these girls really seem to love getting down to some spicy, girls only fun. The video starts out with Mike and Brandi getting into it with her playing with his cock and then sucking on it and then in turn he eats and fingers her pussy. A full meal of classic, gourmet hardcore XXX offerings from the industry’s greatest legends! 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Major A$$ets represents all the greatness of these women’s huge asses, some are good to tap, some are good to smack until you feel the hand of fire emerge from your skin… Some of the hottest & sexiest older ladies yet, getting naked and nasty for your viewing pleasure! After watching this video, everyone is going to want to go for their carnaval celebration. I know I do, that’s why I’m a huge fan of this movie!!! She gets fucked outdoors, indoors, jizzed on with fury!! In this episode of SeXsessions, the sex is hot, wild, and extremely messy!!! Once you take a ride in this tunnel to alternative pleasures, of uninhibited methods of pain and delicious sexual practices, you’ll never be the same again! In fact, Part 2 of “Piercing Party” features slave Joey Strange, so tap into your kink quotient and attend the “Piercing Party”…definitely not for mere pricks. In this exciting installment Fatt Entertainment brings you the most elegant black hoe ever seen, Mercury! 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With this bitch you can’t strike out no matter what you do. The girls all pass with straight A’s for their outstanding oral skills! For all of you foot enthusiasts out there, we got ten little toes and three little holes! Volume 3 is loaded with much more girls getting it on with other girls. One VERY thorough MD. This flick satisfies everyone’s wants and needs, from hot lesbian action to women gagging down on some stiffened wood. Taking a cue from the current rage of nostalgia-laden pop culture pin-up queens, Sally Roberts Review certainly remembers one of the most sought after and sensational B & D models ever. These girls shoot loads and take it up ass, for all to enj But not really going for the throat if you get the meaning! When a young, virginal American girl (Misty Mundae) learns of her mother’s death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Never before has a mix between a thriller and an “X” cop has been so perfect. This scene shows us Tommy after football practice. Mica is at work waiting for the delivery boy to bring her the templates she needs to finish her product. All the ex-members of the tennis club at Sakura Junior High gather together at the class reunion party on New Year’s Eve. As soon as Jason was hired as the live-in houseboy and resident porno-model for Home Town Guys, he started taping his own videos. Like to watch them play with themselves? After giving her a harsh spanking that she won’t soon forget, Penny is lying on her bed in her cute, little schoolgirl panties crying. Everything is better when its doubled; Double decker buses, double decker sandwiches, double stuffed oreos and yes, the double penetrated blondes. A very teasing tell-all of who beds whom under the blanket of night… This party is not over until everyone cums. Every thirsty slut has a craving for that hot creamy slop. Cherries and chocolate. 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She confides in her best friend, Marie, who would be willing to help her out, if she didn’t have a thing for Mark herself. He remains a popular model on our website, and is one hell of a nice guy. This first series from Python and we brings hardcore to a whole new level. Cameron with shapely sporty legs is a sport I’d like to play. Just when you thought we couldn’t pack any more good stuff into our videos, we decided to give you even more. The frat-boy have the pledge remove one piece of clothing after another and when he discovers the pledge has a boner the frat-boy decides to have some fun! They tease tits, slurp up snatch, and then they go for the gold… poking through the poop shoot! Also, whenever the cameraman shoots in “slow motion” mode there is no sound. It’s Spring Break “East Coast” style! She uses her body in any way that will help… even rubbing her huge bouncy tits all over his throbbing cock! 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