Sappho Love Films : Masturbation & Kisses 3


Sappho Love Films : Masturbation & Kisses 3

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Studio : Sappho Love Films.
Actors : Ileana,Florence.
Big black is 16 inches around! Don’t miss out on getting hooked on this explosive series. Ahh, you got to love Europe! It will have you blowing your loads in record amounts! Punctuating Tall Goddess’s scenes you’ll meet Brooklyn Rhodes, all business suit, black nylons and Marlboro Lights, who loves to smoke during an outdoor rest break by the pool. Superstar Cytherea heads this all-new cast of hotties ready to make an arrest or take some sexual favors in return. Watch as these two maids slap each other’s asses and even get pissed on.333 They’re looking for your buried treasure! Watch as a collection of different big ass girls get their fill of dick. Don’t miss the sizzling hot anal scenes, the threesomes and the lesbian dildo extravaganza! More great close-up shots of her body in pantyhose, glistening with sweat as she moans in pleasure, bring us to another fabulous nylon cum shot all over her silky thighs! Orgies and double penetration are second nature to girls who like it this so intense it can only be called Intensitivity! In the end in between them. It’s an orgy of excitement that’s only as “dangerous” as your wettest fantasy! So you left your middle-aged piece of ass you have banged for the last fifteen years, she will never cheat on ya, will she??? Ever thought about it? Houston stars in: Twist of The Heart – The widow gets busy after the wake… Patrick Collins first shot Roxanne a week after her 18th birthday. This short amateur video will entertain you with Britney’s enthusiasm and great breasts, the mesmerizing Black dong and ass-to-mouth scenes! This movie is filled with hot ebony babes playing with themselves and then playing with the hard cock that they find in their mouth. Watch superstar Bella Donna love Gina. That night when they met up to hang out and spend some time the guy got the sexy teen totally nude and spanked her like her daddy would.315 Feel it and taste it as they work it open wider & wider to take it all. This collection of stories have one thing in common: All the men in this 90 minute sexcapade are ” Cuckoo for cocoa cocks”! Look out for the big girlz! Three cosmetic company employees venture to a tropical paradise to put their new creation to the test. They’re game for whatever your game is. I still get wet thinking about it. All of these cunt hungry girls are worthy of your attention and will be sure to have you blowing load after load after load…enjoy!! Slide in and plant your pole in one of the hottest little ski huts around. And what does every good lil’ ho like after takin it in th booty? These chocolate and vanilla scenes are going to heat you up into a meltdown. We’ve got the best Tits in Town I’ll put Chessy Moore’s humongous hooters against any pair anywhere! She’s jamming two huge rubber dongs in her pussy and within minutes she’s firing tremendous squirts of pussy juice, soaking the couch. BIG BOOBIES all the way!! Can sexual lightning strike twice? Watch the cum dripping out these mouths! Promise these guys anything and watch the cum flow. Watch her and her fuck-buddies get each other off time and time again. These top-heavy tramps open their butts for cock for the first time ever, and you get to witness brown cherry poppin’ action! Marie Madison uses her wily witchcraft and creates a man only 6 inches tall. These models join with others who have started their careers at Custom Watch these dangerous vixens perform for the judges and you as they vie for the top spot in this contest. She’s got the knack; she’s got the motion and the sucking talent to make this your favorite blowjob flick ever! Happy Birthday, Baby! Someone gets super lucky on prom night. 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When Chihiro, Ryouichi’s childhood friend, comes back to town, his life changes dramatically… After learning of his absolute power in bed, Ryouichi sets out on a carnal journey of revenge! 21 year old Buzz is 5’8” tall, and 145 lbs. Untold thrill with sinful women. Watch the trashy whores beg for more…

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