SPI Media : The Domina Files Volume 56 – Fetish Files 3


SPI Media : The Domina Files Volume 56 – Fetish Files 3

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Studio : SPI Media.
Actors : Holly Dolly,Rubber Ivy,Mistress Hannah Price,Adreena Winters,Mistress Amrita,Amelia,Lucy.
Lani quickly tells him, that I have work to do and for him to pick her up after midnight. Yeah we got that too. They’re young, far from home, and living on the wild side!! Next, join us at one of the best nude fests in the world – Nudes a poppin’, where girl after girl competes to be “Miss Nude North America”.Pantyman’s back with some of our best Up-the-Skirt footage straght from Cancun during Spring Break, and we wrap this up with 2 of America’s greatest street parties – Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest where you’ll see America’s finest coeds and sweethearts getting naked for the first and possibly only time! He’s STONE COLD EVAN starring one of adult’s BIGGEST stars, Evan Stone, with a bevy of Vivid’s hottest, horniest honeys! If you like butt fucking you’ll love this all anal fuckfest! They will go down on you faster than an anvil in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and they can suck like the dirtdevils that they are! Seven girls never before seen on video. Together, they try out the wildest fetish fashions, and even treat themselves to a ponygirl fantasy out in the fields. Some times you just need to dispense with the cheesy build up’s and goofy scenarios, and just throw down some wicked tramples, and that’s just what we have done with this entry into the stiletto punishment archives. Adultcon puts on this great event. It is very apparent they love a black girls poontang!!! And they know a good hand job doesn’t depend entirely on the hand, but with a little creative cock care. Just ask these amateur cocksuckers! Kianna has the greatest tits, Avena can take a mile of dick in any of her orifices and Fujika is just a killer looking slut that will do anything to please! Katya removes Mistress Sarah’s boots and massages her feet. Not only are these girls gorgeous, but they’re just as horny and even nastier than your dirtiest dreams. Using a stepladder and a tool cabinet, these lads swap saliva and blow jobs until mid-point when Tripp leans over to polish Scott’s knob. Watch these hot new models come into our office, having seen our ads! In the other corner we present Wendy Whoppers, a tiny thing with knockout knockers that seem to take up 75% of her body weight. She listens to heartbeat and it starts turning her on. The realities of this beautiful, but sadly suppressed communist island interfere with their dream. Watch sexy brown beauty Kenya, who left the corporate world to seek her freedom and explore her sexuality. Anal sex, nose hooks, dog tails… These asses are ripe and juicy!!! They’ll do anything to get that warm goo dripping all over their face and into their mouths! This collection features the best XXX lactation loops and scenes from the 70’s and early 80’s! Hot and horny girls need to find a big hard cock to fill their juicy fuck boxes with! Gals do it, guys do it. Nasty girls love to bang too, and they prove it when it’s their turn to be in control! A hot romp with her boyfriend followed by some serious self-satisfaction and climaxing with a dogging experience she will never forget If you’re a fan of furry pussies, this edition of Horny Hairy Girls is for you! Tied in an excruciating hog tie, followed by a tie stretched across a table, she still manages to resist. The Ultimate Pleasure of Unlimited Access! Join the party with the gigantic jugs of Busy Beauties #17. A writer, doing research on live telephone sex services, becomes intrigued by the sensual voice of an operator for “Forbidden Pleasures” who weaves fantasies that stir his libido. Just give her the cock and let her do her magic!! He was sniffing my panties and masturbating. I had her back at the hotel. They are at it again! She orders one of the girls’ downstairs where she is spanked hard against her bare bottom. Both Sharon and Summer, long time buddies, by the by, take a long anticipated stab at each other. Hot Latinas getting fuck up all their holes Le Wood style. Sometimes There’s Only One Way To Say It…Take a ride down easy street and discover the most tight and tender real estate ladies you’d ever want to meet. The pretty ladies at the New York City dungeon, The Den of Iniquity, are in the mood to do evil things to each others pussies. After you watch this, your dick will be so hard you could knock down the Great Wall of China!!! Jamie Lynn bowls her way into your … What more could a fan of high-end erotica want than to see twelve of the most gorgeous girls in adult video unveiling their choice parts, and displaying with equal visual delight? These top heavy cock whores are begging and waiting for you to shoot your load all over their tits! They may be a little inexperienced, but what they lack in experience, they make up for in in their horny excitement. The movie starts off with a full-blown orgy you couldn’t ask for more action then that. It’s Mass There are some girls riding big dick scenes that you have to see to believe! This month it is our pleasure to share with you Butt Plug Babes! Sandra learns the slave trade. This hot blonde Spring Breaker invites us to watch her masturbate in the shower. Puppy has designed a playroom for all! Nearly two hours of hot male-to-male contact without a rubber in sight! 4 hours of dripping pussies, clenched asses, and stiff poles taking that adventure down ass lane! But when you hook all night and then shoot porno by day, it can be grueling. He ties rope around these bad boys till they turn a plum color. It takes a special kind of ass to be a ‘pussyman’ ass, so we took a few out and D.P’d them and gaped them and we’ll let you be the judge! The casting couch that everybody wants to get on! Cytherea seems so shy and innocent, with her classy good looks and conservative glasses. She even stars with other women in tantalizing lesbian scenes. They actually don’t need much tricking – these cock rags are already tricking for dick. Visions of X 3 is the most intense sexual thriller of the year. Enthralled and enticed Johnny realizes that they still have a few hours before Celestia must be at the club, so she and Johnny decide to indulge in a few tight ties. During our interview with this sassy Baby, we give her a chance to tell us about herself. These nasty schoolgirl sluts are bad, bad to the bone, anybody’s bone! And no one does it better then Rick Savage. A fire in the hole starts when Joe Romero’s fantasies about foundry workers get hot enough to melt lead! See her double anal. April’s happens in January. Ruby Honeycat confesses to her psychiatrist that she wants to be a pin-up girl. We don’t know if it’s the beer or the bratwurst over there, but the XXX action in the German import goes on forever, as voluptuous beauties from all walks of life suck and fuck everything that comes their way. I’m sure you’ve met whores like this before. More massive meat, manhandling, and masturbating men than you can shake a stick at…These freaks will fuck you, flip you, and freak you til’ they’re done…And they’ll still have you lusting for more, but you gotta come along for the ride…Take the trip Uptown, The Harlem Homeboyz are waiting… First timers are always welcome. She spends her night and days experimenting with her sweet young body – satisfying a hot erotic appetite with an endless parade of female loves. These cute, well-built, well-hung studs not only delight in the art of oral pleasure, but they love to swallow it all! When a photographer realizes he has some very compromising photos, he devises an ingenious blackmail scheme. Arriving in Florida on vacation, Lana and Shaena are awakened by knocks at their Motel door. She’s also gotta take a leak. Gina Vice finds herself on the wrong side of the law with Dave Hardman, and Shay Sights crosses a daring threshold on her honeymoon with Miles Long. The she-males are back and hornier than ever. San Diego’s sexiest service men — hot, hard, and horny — in and out of uniform, setting off super sexplosions just for you. If any one of these doe-eyed, ravenous whores were to gaze up at you, begging to be anally violated, what would you do? It’s got starlet of the year, Monica Mayhem, Penthouse Pet, Venus, sexy porn slut, Belladonna, as well as 16 more cock hungry, cum lovin’ sluts, sucking, slurping and devouring cock! And a taste of beautiful Champagne in a torrid three way finishes off this volume. This is a must see for all Yazmene fans!!! Enjoy the lovely Jasmine. Morty Valentino goes in search of “Ancient Amateurs”…Hot older girls in hot action! Starring super anal whore Katsumi in this filthy fuck fest! Her attorney, after having read the will, suggested that her only alternative for survival was to obtain employment as a maid in her former mansion which was leased to a wealthy young playboy whose main interest in life constituted sexual fulfillment. A young woman is very unsatisfied with the current state of her husband. To become an anal queen you must listen to Danny Case, the #1 rated ASS BREEDER!!! From cock sucking to ass licking, these broads know what it takes to get you off! They sure do seem to be pissed at each other for something, though they never do say. Don’t be fooled by their demure manor; these delicate flowers are game for anything. Estonia, Tallinn to be exact, a small country near the Baltic Sea that borders Russia, the home of “Evil Dr.No Love.” But agent 0023 is not going after the evil one, at least not this time…no, his mission is to take out R.E.C.T.O.R.S. Director/performer, Joachim Kessef gives fans just what they expect- hard, raw and passionate anal sex! Cum check out these little Asian sluts as they get down and dirty with a mad look of glee in their eye! These young Brit ladies have their hides tanned to absolute perfection. The setting for this movie is a nice, warm sunny afternoon, with a couple of friends, looking for some stupid whatever… Soon the girls find out the contest is a fake and that’s when the shit hits the fan for Paul and Dick. Don’t you hate those days where work seems longer than normal, someone cut you off on your drive home, then you open up the fridge to find out someone ate the left over wings you got last night at Dollar wings night and the only solution is to hit some phat booty. They found out very quickly those Canadian girls simply ‘Love To Get Wild!’ These all-Canadian girls, once set loose, are crazier than any other girls we’ve seen…they’re truly Canadian and they are out there! Since they are teens they have a lot of energy and can go on for hours. A-list butts get stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys as the best cocksmen in the business thrust their huge love muscles UP’R CLASS!!! “You can’t do that here!” By now the girls are so horny they’re dripping wet. If you love a food fetish with a side of feet, this film has that for you too. These guys definitely know how to play on both teams, and do their best to please both! However, she doesn’t stop there. What do a petite small-titted blonde and a thick big-breasted brunette have in common? Every day’s a party here and these girls will take it up the butt for hours on end Viva la Spain! Watch one of these Chinese beauties get deep-dicked by a big black cock, too! This is your captain speaking, would the ladies please spread their legs and open their Cock Pits! ‘L.A. To determine if she is capable of her job, she is given a test. Crystal Frost is one of our favorite models for many reasons. 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Yanks brings you an intimate interview with Juliana, a sexy girl who’s not shy and tells us all her sexual secrets…well, they were secrets until now! “I suspect that embedded in her deepest, most intense desires, Gloria Steinem has long craved the slick, creamy texture of a copious load splattered across her face. Well these girls just don’t like sex, they love sex every way they can get it.

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