Rage : Buzz Cuts


Rage : Buzz Cuts

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Studio : Rage.
Actors : J.T. Denver,Troy Robinson,Adam Archer,Derrick Baldwin,Paul Duran,Daniel Malone,Ryan Yeager,Hans Mueller,Jon Vincent,Danny Sommers,Hunter Scott,Randy White,Gino Colbert,Marc Saber,Nick Romano,Wes Daniels,Rob Cryston.
These foxy chicks put on kneepads so they can get on all fours and let that dirty old dog bury his bone in their slurping mouths and tight, wet pussies. There, she is caged like an animal, chained helplessly, and stripped of all her clothes – save her boots. Somebody get out the bleach – these minds are seriously filthy! Chandler & Charlie: Two young groupies fantasizing about making it with their favorite rock stars find mom’s dildo collection… Get your load of man spackle ready for spraying all over their toes! I put him in contact with a California agent and he left Florida in March of 2004 to do videos with Ken Ryker and Chad Donovan. Hardcore oral-fucking is followed by deep pussy pounding and some ass-stretching anal. Her precious white skin is in for a change of color; not all of it, just her ass, which is spanked continually throughout this flick. And no other Carnaval is as exciting as Carnaval Red Fire! This film has nice bodies in jockstraps, lots of kissing and some beautiful cocks (the redhead has a HUGE uncut cock with a Prince Albert!). Super hot Jacqueline Lick wanted to do her first DP and was recommended by friends to try it for Up and Cummers. He would play with my ass up my skirt a little and then he would take his cock out and shove it in my face. Hot little ladies find out what daddy never wanted them to! These whores let their mouths do the talking and their fingers do the walking as they lick pussy, suck cock, and spread their legs in hope of a higher position! Her scenes sizzle with carnal energy. Every year, four cameramen split up and cover all the action. First time pussy licking, cocksucking, fucking, anal, cum drinking and anything else that you can think of! Pearl is finally delivered by their reliable chauffeur, Simone (Kiri Kelly), where she is initiated into the delights of lesbian love by the proteges. She moves around, slowly undressing until she’s down to her fish net stockings. The screamer Haley puts Michelle into a frenzy with her wicked tongue. Fuck Veteran Thomas Bjorn auditions Christopher Atlas, Matt Parker, Carlos Anthony, and Justin Taylor. After some cock fighting, they jet their loads at the same time. But, she is just one of the many featured in this new series from director Tyrone Shuz. Let’s party! Ethan is 22, 5′ 9” and as cute of a guy as I have ever filmed. When he reveals his amnesia, Suzuran, the head maid, tells him that he’s here for a reason. She shows you her breast and starts to get excited. These two take it from the tub to the bed for some serious sucking and fucking! Watch Jada’s ass get slammed by Nat Turner. Simplicity is the name of the game in this classic eighties flick. Our gorgeous models give new meaning to the word fitness, and challenge you to keep up with them. Shocking as it is, when done properly, it’s these same types of exposure, clamps and lashes that bring on the orgasms in bondage.376 He grabs the paddle and spanks both of their tight bottoms ending with a big whack on both of them, then goes to make dinner. Many times the scenes are interrupted because a woody is a problem. As if this first item wasn’t all you can handle, you’ll next see her in something black: a spandex satin, closed crotch full girdle – Fabulous! These older but still hot babes prove that they still have it going on. There is something about a man in uniform that just turns you on!! Yes, transsexuals, here for you, ready to give you the pleasure you need in a wide array of sexual situations guaranteed to get you hot and horny! Keiko is a wild 19 year-old coed who gets stuffed with many vibrators in her pussy and ass before getting fucked hard. There’s nothing like the loving you receive from a thick woman. And when there’s more than two, three or four will do! He wants you to make music with him in a major way. There are lots of fast-moving sucking and fucking in this little drama, with an unexpected suprise that we are sure you will enjoy! We start off with Shelbee Myne, dressed in a cute little teddy and talking about how her man thinks she should be more mature. Not just physically…but in the way they cater to your needs and desires. Those tight little Asian sluts will certainly drive you round eyes crazy! We have girl’s getting a dick stuck up their poop shoot, sucking cock, and getting fucked all at the same time! We begin with a conversation with the very sexy, Jackie Ashe. The guys make a complete mess of Demi’s young pussy and her asshole, after she gets the shit fucked out of her! Then, we’d beat off thinking about her later that nig Breanna is a hometown cutie who is just dying to show you how much she loves to get fucked!!! Gina gives Tom’s cock the same luxurious treatment, letting him roughly fuck her face. 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If you are into BIG, beautiful, bouncy and wet breasts, then you are going to have your hands and mouth full with these gargantuan hooters!!! Did we mention this is her debut in a porn video? It’s a sloppy free-for-all in Volume 4 of this blockbuster series! YOUNG SLUTS, INC. What could possibly be better than ramming some hot tramp, using her body like a dick garage, then pumping her full of the sticky white? Finally the fresh, youthful Venus relives her virgin experience with a fellow student during cheerleading practice in a hot, wet lesbian scene. This guy might be a bit hard up with his hard on since this chick looks a step away from homeless…unless you’re into that kind of thing! Susan: An all-natural 18-year-old blonde beauty!! 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After a nice solo, she’s HOTT and ready for a nice hard, stiff cock in her mouth and up her wet cunt. Really thirsty CUM addicts! The crowd goes wild as this little show quickly turns into a full-blown orgy! Little Oral Annie’s adventure finds our heroine meeting up with lusciouus Carol Gross and Danielle. Turns out there’s eager young twats lining up ’round the block to milk every ounce of white venom from a pair of Alabama Black Snakes. More great close-up shots of her body in pantyhose, glistening with sweat as she moans in pleasure, bring us to another fabulous nylon cum shot all over her silky thighs! A ditzy dancer from the country moves to L.A. This is the story of this hot straight guy and his butt. The task of saving the world has fallen into the hands of a secret society of voluptuous lesbian vampire hunters led by the Controller, whose strategy for vampire extermination is carried out by a beautiful band of warriors known as Seers. 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These sexy trannies just love to be dominate and shove their big uncut cocks in guy’s mouth while eagerly grabs her tits! Sexy lady in a metallic blue swimsuit gets undressed and hops right on the plastic contraption called a Sybian which is one of the more popular tools in the porn world. He pumped away until I had multiple orgasms and started squirting. The front door’s closed so you’ve got to go around to the back, where it’s always better – tighter, hotter, and oh so risque! Come and join the hot action and you will see Teanna get into it with Sue Diamond, Lee & the nasty Lezley Zen. 4 hours of exxxtreme footage that you don’t want to miss!! Nearly 90 minutes of some of Keri’s hottest scenes including sultry girl on girl, tasty oral and gobs of ‘unforgettable’ hardcore sex. This girl wants to take a steamy bath…maybe you can help get her clean with a huge creamy shower of your cum. 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