Pride Studios : The Bottom Diaries


Pride Studios : The Bottom Diaries

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Studio : Pride Studios.
Actors : Troy Phillips,Jake Jennings,Tony Orion,JR Bronson,Dylan Drive,Marcus Isaacs,Billy Santoro ,James Hamilton,Johnny Hazzard.
In Brazilian Leather, two lovers accidentally discover that each likes exploring a leather sex club; not only on his own, but also as a couple! Get ready for a booty exhibition from the hottest black honeys in U.S.A. There, in a secret study, is the remains of the mummy I-Hop-Shank, recently stolen from the City Museum. Intense anal dildo fun! Sassy Wanda Curtis plays a very fun game – Pop and Strip. The guys alternate toys and big dicks in and out of Missy’s ass until it’s an open cave. Have you ever dreamed about finding a young, cute, smooth kid with a smooth hairless butt and showing him the joys and delights of fisting as your huge hands slowly opens and trains his smooth, tight butt? Sharon has three days to get her hands on three items needed to secure her position as the reigning female supreme among all females. Mercenary Pictures proudly presents Lex Steele XXX v.2. Lauren and Mika know how to please and they love to share a cock. For those of you who have yet to discover the Oasis style, the WAM Shoe video will be a pleasant surprise. Hot 4 hour action! She turns around and rubs her clit as he pounds her hard. Sure, in the world of “Divorce Law!” Starring the very steamy MONIQUE PARENT and JAY RICHARDSON. The lean, sexy Sonja Blaze has caught Leda in a lie. Well shot with interesting angles and tight you-are-there close up shots. The tattooed slut whore from next door proves she can take fuckin’ and keep on suckin’! Stand back! Are you up for the challenge of keeping them satisfied? There’s nothing better! Watch as the bottoms look as if they are in pain when they get pierced by these big-dicked tops! Girls go wild, sucking each other’s tits, eating pussy, giving head, and getting fucked! Another great episode of Oral Exams. Watch these horny bitches masturbation with their favorite play toys and their fingers. Shy, beautiful Lila Johnson, played by Kate Frost, just arrived at the Hillcrest School of Fine Arts, a mountaintop retreat where young painters are groomed for greatness. Well, I’ll tell you what’s better, a whole fuckin’ mess of them! Times are bad for the porno talent pool. Moron!” Bless her soul. We bring you lots of ass-to-mouth, D.P., double vaginal and a first anal scene (Erica Sommers)! She has a great bubble butt. After she tells you what turns her on she’ll lead you into a room where a hard & horny guy fucks her little holes. With the click of your mouse, you watch Audrey, skull fuck, play with her butt hole and stick a dildo or “your” dick in it. Featuring sexy women who love having their tight pussies spread by huge strap-ons by other hot women who know how to thrust like a man! Horny Housewives in Heat welcomes you to a raunchy show of nasty ladies in need of cock and taking it deep in all of their openings! Mark follows and we have an equally good time with him. 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Watch as April takes on two Guys… Anastasia wants a big ransom from Amber’s husband and she takes photos of Amber’s torment to send to him. Ever wonder if angels and demons have sex? Hearing that Ieda likes Noriko, Miyuki visits Noriko and witnesses Noriko and Akiyama kissing. They are just aching to suck dick and have their asses plowed by the biggest dicks around. Using the phone calls he sets up clandestine rendezvous with other men, with couples, he takes her on a journey into her sexual fantasies. Wait til you see how quickly they spread those ass cheeks for a hard cock play (no pun intended.) They end up being total bottoms. She finally relaxes and it turns into an ass pounding good time! These ancient relics of an era long gone by prove once and for all that pussy is like fine wine – it’s better with time. As the saying goes like potato chips you can’t eat just one! Both girls, wearing latex lingerie, seem to be enjoying themselves. 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