Pride Studios : College Crush


Pride Studios : College Crush

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Studio : Pride Studios.
Actors : Andres Moreno,Toby Springs,Duane Fontana,Blake Stone,Liam Troy,Dillon Anderson,A.J. Monroe,Liam Harkmoore,Cameron Jacobs,Cody Ray.
The search for the best face sitters begins! Were you looking forward to watching Court TV with a bottle of lotion and some paper towels? That’s definitely not a smile on her face under that ball gag; she’s in real pain. Doctor Mandy and friend Nicki are behind it all in an insurance company scam, but they both end up being bound and gagged by robber Chris, who gets away with the loot! She puts on a lingerie fashion show for us. It’s completely amateur and completely raw! Ashley is a sweet innocent beauty. They love giving blowjobs & just can’t help but make these poor guys bust their nut all over. Join us for Justin Price’s erotic foray into the sexually charged world of psychiatrics, psychology, and hard fucking cocks. Watch the men get covered in the biggest, juicy loads! When they meet the stern Gemini their gales of laughter are quickly turned into tears as she begins to spank Talia, first by hand. After stripping, this lusty bitch covers herself with lotion and manipulates her pussy with a dildo. Wouldn’t you like to try out a natural born ho today? Many blood clots get washed-out of my pussy. Then Monica and Jessica show Marcus their eager beavers. Fine Latina sluts licking and banging each other’s pussies! These Girls? Can’t we all just get along? After being aroused by Jason, Ryan finds the main road and hitches a ride with Brendan Knight. Women of all colors join together in this girl on girl extravaganza (sorry, camera guy, they’re just not into you!). Fresh hot interracial/blowjob/anal fuck sluts that are ripe for the picking, with plenty of ass fucking and oral scenes this video should get your cock hard as a rock and keep it that way all the way through this torrid four hour flick. But they look like chicas, so if you’re ready for the best of both worlds, cum on in. Misty then lures her to the bathroom for some righteous lesbian shower action. Judges at a fireworks show work at making some fireworks among themselves and a few lucky studs in the crowd! She will give you, the viewer, nasty right-into-the-camera sex scenes. Along the way, we see monstrous torture: girls hung from ceilings, upside-down and rightside-up, a woman walking all over a babe’s body (and pressing a stiletto heel into her cunt!), nipples getting squashed and other sickening sights. Hot, black nurses are here to make your blood pressure rise! Shane “Freight Train” Diesel has the thickest dick in the industry. Hot! Straight-as-an-arrow virgins find themselves face-deep in a sapphic romp. Katrina has to lie down to get all of Ted’s massive load! Real girl Lena takes on the most strenuous of workout partners. They have an insatiable appetite for man-juice. And when you think she’s done, Goddess Hollie unleashes another round of hard-core punishment. The apartment complex houses hot and bothered young women who work regular jobs during the day and render sexual services to paying customers come night time. There are several girls all of them whores who take on 3 cocks at once, milking each for all it’s contents, and then you guessed it swallowing all that jizzum! The best part of this video is that we kept in the original sound… They stroke and pull and grunt their way to the ultimate goal – dumping a huge load of jizz for the camera! These naughty Mamis are all about sucking and fucking and they are so caliente! Hot and horny virgins offering their fresh meat for the very first time! Kenya enjoys a quiet moment in her living room, lost in her dreamy thoughts, a talented and experienced smoker thru and thru. Explosive orgasms, anal penetrations, two young women together. First, Judges Bobby Laborteaux and Scott Dijon watch the colorful night time show, then Bobby sees stars when he tops Scott.

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