Pornstar Empire : Down & Dirty


Pornstar Empire : Down & Dirty

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Studio : Pornstar Empire.
Actors : Jessie Rogers,Bruce Venture,Kortney Kane,Victoria White,Hope,Jessica Jaymes.
Would you like to join the party? We’re back in Volume 2 to bring you even more T&A, Lake Havasu style! Next, putting on lipstick in a slow & sexy way! Soft on the outside hard on the inside! Watch them do their business in what can truly be called a golden opportunity. Cum see who’s on top! This is a mixture of hardcore sex that you will dream over and over about! Threesomes and foursomes! As he spends more and more time at his work, alienating everything else his paintings take on a unique creation of their own as they engage in wild, sizzling, oil splattering orgies that spill across his canvas. Pat Myne soon walks into the room and shows what he means by that, with a delirious deep-dish booty basting that leaves nothing to chance. Having your buddy fuck her while she sucks your cock is not so bad either. Cum watch this hot Jewish girl get plowed by a lucky Arab in this sizzling import from the Middle East…sucking and fucking brings the people together!! See the girls that get you hot and horny getting hot and naked. When they want to see his ass, they see a firm, round butt atop muscular limbs with big balls hanging between them. She’s been a bad girl and it’s up to him to show her the ways of his wand. A pussy by any name is still a pussy, and pussies, ladies and gents, were made for fucking. These people keep it strictly private…but you can watch too! One chose to just relax in the tub. First, Marcello Reeves gives Marco Antonio a bueno time in a country bed, then Eduardo and Grant Wood become closer amigos when they tan together. Hot Bods is the ONLY ongoing series to feature multiple girls and anals in EVERY SCENE! Charlie starts off this time wearing her authentic Lancers cheerleaders uniform and her new Converse red hightops. After all, isn’t 19-year-old pussy the most tempting thing in the universe? Lots of wetlook in these fine dresses including several minutes of underwater footage. Cum in and take a peek at the action!!! What would you do if you discovered the house you live in was built on ancient whoring grounds? This volume is a real treat for you cum shot junkies. The spontaneous fun pours over into the shower for a third scene, where the shower itself steals the spotlight from Sassy’s expensive multi-layered lace party dress and Missy’s classic silk skirt and white blouse. April can’t wait to fuck Mr.Marcus, so I invite him over without her knowing!! This soaking sequel is wetter and nastier than ever with incredibly wet scenes featuring girls who squirt when they cum. What’s more fun that girls??? This one is my personal favorite of mine, and is jam packed with cumshots. By tapping into the private network of a local computer dating service, he is able to screen and fulfill the wildest X-Rated fantasies of its sexiest members. This Russian bombshell is in for a big treat! Watch Jasmine a hottie who loves to get her pussy rammed with a huge black cock and her tight little ass fingered. These Asian cookies have no other task than to satisfy the men they are with. They even do a daisy chain of rimming. All the while there’s you sitting there with the best seat in the house baby! These slut’s asses are ready and willing to fuck you all! After getting her shirt off, Master Savage seems to be in overload. Watch these beautiful young boys having a great time with no remorse! After being bound, tickled and teased, Devora receives a thigh padding, a pussy spanking, and a hot body waxing that she will remember for a long time. Flip them over and stuff it in their faces? Watching these MILFs and their expertise will guarantee a rock hard boner! When are GROOMS going to learn that they can’t really get away wit Rika is a gorgeous 22-year-old Hawaiian/Filipina with soft, dark skin and a perfectly round ass. Away from home for the first time, two girls have been taken to a disciplinary training center for a weekend of training. These girls have all the right moves! The anatomy of a hot sex scene is this. Watch scenes of straight fucking to features of a railroad chase with a happy anal ending! How do Porn Stars really feel about fucking in front of the camera? Even when they are restrained, these Mistresses are in control. We serve prime cut slabs of slit with no fucking frills. Then, when she “conveniently” loses track, you know what happens next? These little horny tykes want some of that brown sugar! They are living out their deepest darkest desires for hard and heavy BDSM. Over two hours and 6 scenes. Laurie helps her out by concealing the film deep within herself. These blubber-bellied bitches don’t have a weight problem, they have a weight solution! These old dogs know all of the tricks, and how to use ’em on boys half their ages! Enjoy the XXX action! Hot Hardcore Gay Bondage Action! Watch out for the black snake in da hole! Michele Raven opens the fun all in white. If you’ll please put your seat in the upright position…the hot Asian stewardess will fuck you now! A slut rides on a big cock while sucking on one. Well I don’t doubt how innocent they all are, but first scene shows a vulture like woman, in the sense that she goes for it like it was a muffin in the morning. When they come for their money and there is none to give, they decide that the best way to pay it over is to keep her as a slave. Have you ever felt the sensation of a leg, hand, or any body part for that matter covered in smooth, silky pantyhose slowly making its way across some sensitive portion of your body? These cum guzzlers just can’t seem to get enough of the cum that they crave. Watch as these hot transsexuals get off getting fucked up the ass and then turn around and fuck someone else’s ass! They use crayons to draw stuff on her boobies.

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