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Directors Loren Sterling and Hal Roth bring the viewer five short subjects highlighting blonds with slender bodies and big dicks. Some of these hot chicks have cocks bigger than your own! The beautiful, dominant mistress Nikki Sinn and her cruel tv slave Aja…no punishment too trite, with severe c/b/t and penetrating punishment. There are more than 100 fresh amateur girls showing their stuff in 25 awesome scenes. All caught on film… Here is an ambitious Italian production that takes advantage of an Italian-Spanish-American cast and a hell of a fascinating story: a maniac moves out between Hollywood and Beverly Hills in tries his luck in the love department, but when the women find out about him, they attack him and act hostile. Those saintly perverts at 6666 Productions proudly bring you “Homegrown Bitches!” So what are you waiting for? It made me think it was meant to be … Watch as the participants satisfy each other in a masquerade-type orgy! They eventually get naked and are taking turns cocksucking when Derek comes in, seems John forgot to pick him up at baseball practice. What’s a good girl to do when she is thrown into a world of sexual depravity? Her slave is tightly secured in the vacuum bed. Janey Web joins Logan for her first messy fuck, and Yazmene and Colette have fun with brightly colored oatmeal! Internet icon Danni Ashe battles Joi Reno in a bedroom and pool. A double anal sextravaganza! She also loves the taste of cum. Just lay back and watch 18 big assed chocolate skin sistas spreadin’ & bumpin’ for your viewing pleasure! If you like chicks with dicks, then you can’t afford to miss this! Experience the hottest Latina girls who love the taste, feel and smell of sweet cum. Leave it to Hustler to bring you some of the most ass bangin, poop shute pumpin, serious butt drilling videos on the face of the earth. What daddy doesn’t know would probably shock him! 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