Mustang : Depths of Desire 2


Mustang : Depths of Desire 2

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Studio : Mustang.
Actors : Samuel Colt,Drew Cutler,Zach Alexander,Ethan Roberts,Drake Jaden,Phenix Saint,Brock Armstrong,Spencer Reed,Trent Diesel.
If you like to watch young girls driven out of control in ecstasy, this one is for you. Jessica, a hot strawberry blonde, loves 12″ black cocks and delightfully accepts one in her back door. There is nothing like a hot blowjob from a gorgeous lady with nice tits. The title of this video is fairly self-explanatory. International Amateur Adult Video raided a small college in northern California and collected 12 straight studs ranging in age from 18 to 24 who were ready, willing, and able to whip out their junk and stroke it to their heart’s content in front of their cameras! Miho Akiyama stars in this movie, where she goes through some crazy situations. Editors, assistants, even the maid, get in on the action! Probably because she was just getting fucked by a midget! Sydney is a cop who is tired of her husband chasing women… She can’t beat him so she decides to join him. When left alone (with the obvious exception of our video cameras), these horny ladies decided to drop their skivvies and relate to themselves! Next, Zavier and Juan visit a war memorial, then head to a ritzy hotel where Zavier tops Juan in some seemingly impossible positions. It’s a good thing the ransom has to be paid for in pussy ’cause these girls major in the art of cocksucking, buttfucking and beer chugging! Sergei gets off on watching porn and fucking his woman. I’d love to have it bouncing off my dick! Georgina came back and wanted to fuck another guy, so we grabbed one of our production assistants and let her go at it. Her two co-workers, Patty and Suzy, quit in protest and the three decide to become full-time self-employed entrepreneurs in the “world’s oldest profession.” Doctor Gila has a very “hands-on” approach to her patients. Jay Ashley gets young Veronica from behind. There’s a banana eating competition. Teri Summers is so cute you won’t believe she loves to get naked and nasty. But, there’s a problem … Watch out for your swiftly hardened cock – if you’re not careful, you’ll lose your load too! Ginger Lynn’s Fantasy World exposes the secret desires of the hottest sex stars in the world. Crista is an Italian girl who loves cum in her face. She wears a bright purple office dress and short silk stockings. That’s right, over two hours of hot hardcore action! The story begins with a short look into the production of a video designed to sell the submissive to prospective clients. This video provider is a major player in the Trannie scene and is superbly shot for your viewing pleasure. With more Dicks than Dock Green, this comic crime caper definitely has more slag than swag. This vixen’s smooth, creamy cans are no match for the Black Mistress’ aresenal of tit torture tools.201 Strap-on dildo lesbos annals, facial cum shots and pounding pussy action! 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