Mofos : Public Pickups 8


Mofos : Public Pickups 8

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Studio : Mofos.
Actors : Marie Getty,Katka,Maja,Electra,Lucie.
He slaps, whips and overwhelms Kym. They know how to pleasure a man like no young thing can. We’ve got 5 filthy Mayhem ass queens who are begging to get their hot, tight rosebuds stuffed full of hard dick for our cameras. Director Skeeter Kerkove has done it again! As Hercules tries to save his friend from death by the Amazons, these seductive ladies concoct a different plan: the tribe uses the male intruders to fulfill their sexual desires, and quench their lusty thirst for hot cum! The best part of the affair was Denni taking charge and directing the Gang of Four to drive their large throbbing cocks into Jasmine’s hungry holes until their swollen nuts and stiff distended dicks were ripe and ready to be pulled out and used to hose Denni O with what she craves and desires … They think she’s here on vacation, visiting Mount Rushmore and the White House. Damn, it’s great being gay! These vanilla and chocolate sweethearts are discovering just how hot girl-on-girl action can be! Treat yourself to a taste of hot hooker flesh with Hustler’s Young Sluts, Inc. Nigga, you serious? Billie knows how to turn you on big time. We’ve got a couple of big titted bitches sucking cocks and fucking for your viewing enjoyment. Therapy has a whole new meaning! All Girl!! Cunts are stretched, sphincters reamed, and smiling faces splattered with gallons of white-hot cum! Two Russian babes get together to get down with each other and a mechanical fucking tool. And finally there’s Wanda, a sexy eurosmoker who is on fire to play and push her buttons…lots of swirling smoke and orgasmic fun. Anytime or anywhere, your wildest erotic fantasy can materialize in front of you! If you don’t like abusive language then do not watch this movie. Breast men, prepare for the ultimate jug-lovin’ thrill. They will leave you begging for more! I know you will enjoy watching this bloody pussy show with maxi pads and a douche!” – Katya What kind of fantasies do you think they’re having? 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Thomas Paine gets down to basics as MOUTH WATERING fills your senses with the most beautiful array of sexual forays you’ve ever seen. From a military policeman to marines to an ex-con, let them show you the basics of chokin’ the chicken! And finally in “Happy Hour” Chelsea is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her friend Alesha. If you’re into girls sucking every cock in sight, this show is perfect! Dr.Bob begins by first stripping Vivian down (leaving some time for a quick spanking) and then examining nearly every inch of her luscious body. No, these sluts want it anal and they want you to lead the assault! Watch the action as these two sweeties show a new type of use for Black Velvet…our elegant fuck machine!!! Then a male assistant came in to massage the inside of their hott cunts! Marie Madison’s not been following the dress code at work. Then, its time to tie her up and really get down to business. In the royal court of her ass… Welcome to Straight A Students. 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