Mofos : Latina Sex Tapes 10


Mofos : Latina Sex Tapes 10

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Studio : Mofos.
Actors : Ava Alvarez,Valerie Kay,Lola Foxx,Cassie Cruz,Danni Cole.
Her boyfriend comes along and spanks that rump and to his surprise, she liked it. Outside, in a beautifully landscaped sub-tropical setting, Marylin orchestrates some tongue-pierced nasty girls who just love getting fucked by other women! It’s oral, oral and more oral…followed by messy facials! So don’t miss this awesome and amazing legend! These are 2 chicks that really know how to get it on! These woman have years of experience and they want to show it all to you in this exclusive reality based movie. Jill Kelly Productions brings you, “The Best of Ashton Moore!” Check out this luscious blonde as we catch her in all the most compromising positions! This arrangement backfires when Suzanne falls in love with Rick, one of her pick-ups for Manon. An all girl pussy fest with lipstick lesbians all in a row! Their first sight is cover model Jean Carlo Souza topping bubble-butted Gustavo Sartini in positions never described in Kama Sutra. 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Mr.Orange is yet another fun filled fuck fest brought to you by director Francesco Fanelli. A great series for cream pie fans! It’s a fun day had by all, so don’t miss this unusual T&A documentary! Let me show you how bad good girls can be.

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