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Cindy and her friends show you just how it is and what they do to earn their keep. Well, this flick has lots of hardcore lesbo screwing, pussy and ass fucking, and a shit load of facials and cum shots. Peter knows how to get them in, get them undressed and get them fucked! Mature men deliver in this all adult, man-to-man fuck off. Scene one is two hot girls who don’t seem to mind the guys walking by…A voyeurs delight! This candid video, taken at the schools gym, shows just the kind of “education” SNAFU has to offer! Watch how I go out and scrape more whores from the streets of LA. When you say double anal, Baby … The tension filled introductions quickly morph into intense sexual scenes, shedding their stress-filled lives for a weekend of pleasurable sexual delights. The plot was written by Angel Baby and directed by her. Experience the horsepower, tire screeching, sideswiping drifters as they battle it out – even better – the killer models, bootay shaking and phat ride She seems grateful for all of his long travels, and goes a great DISTANCE to please him. They obviously got some baby batter in their ovens a while ago, and they aren’t done baking yet! Volume 3 presents some more cum gurgling, cock slobbering, and backdoor brides! These full-figured babes have all the right curves in all the right places. They got ’em and like to flaunt ’em. Everyone is getting a piece of ass – girl on girl, girl on guy – it doesn’t matter, as long as you can suck and fuck! Great name for a B-movie! BUSTY BEAUTIES will rock your world with top-heavy, hardcore titillating action! Look closely and you can see their juicy little pussies getting all pink and wet – the perfect treat after They don’t do it for the fame or fortune. 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Geoff Merrick gives kidnap victim Paige the “Tyler Treatment” in this explicit bondage thriller that is probably the best ever done in the genre. School roommates play with each other using nothing but their naked bodies and extra-large dicks. Which ever hole you’re going to be filling and drilling make sure you do a good job…or she might cum back for more! The witty repartee continues in “This Time We Fight”. Two of them take turns getting the third soaked with bottles of champagne, and then switch places until all three outfits are soaked with bubbly. Burn baby, burn! Every hole is utilized, every gorgeous face is spattered with sperm. The man in the iron mask suddenly appears in front of Mao. Russian Sandra, blond, Ceka, perfect body. That, and I was in my Speedo-fetish mode at the time. Check out this scorching collection of super-nasty young sluts as they swallow up massive cocks in every orifice. Julie is also a wonderful spitter. Is she MAD? It’s the only way to orgasm! 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These submissive guys learn what it means to be a true bottom boy in the roughest play around! Soon, no woman is safe, not even the mayor’s sexually repressed wife, Martha (Laurie Wallace), who quickly succumbs to Helena’s sexy spells and luscious bod He first had sex with a guy at age 28 when he got fucked by an 11” dick (and he loved it) while his wife was sleeping. As soon as you see Jill Kelly’s name on the cover you know you’re going to be in for a fuck fest treat. Here are some darling cock-hungry babes who want it bad! He soon has her squirting all over him. It was a dangerous yet rewarding assignment for them in those less permissive days! Hot sex action direct from Brazil. Two hours of hardcore anal action!! When She feels he’s “done,” She decides it’s finally time to make his virgin ass Hers. Ten minutes of rapid fire foot fucking! Leading ladies Taylor St.Clair, Dru Berrymore and Gwen Summer suck, straddle and show her the ropes with Lee Stone, Colt Steel and Julian in this mouth-watering movie with a message! Canadian cutie Makayla Cox fucks Billy Banks good before begging him to give it to her up the ass (she’s a true poop-shoot trooper) – and then she swallows his cum for dessert! “Excuse me sir, there’s some hair in my pussy! He doesn’t want anyone else ogling her hot body. These babes know that female doing female is where it’s at… No need to try to be the best when two can have so much fun like this.

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