MVG Productions : Teens In Cocksland


MVG Productions : Teens In Cocksland

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Studio : MVG Productions.
Actors : Timo Hardy,Beatriz,Christina,Lana,Maria.
When they say fuck me, you know it’s for real. With a cast of such adorable babes including Brooklyn, Paris Waters, Ann Marie Michelle and more, how can you go wrong? “She seemed like a total ditz when she came bouncing into my office. She decides to step in and makes this a red-hot scene before swallowing his load! These sweet, sexy girls are so hot and horny,b but there are no guys around. Catch the cute and coy Erica Campbell cookin’ up somethin’ delicious as a restaurant chef. Travelers have been warned to stay away from them when traveling abroad, now discover why. These stupid stripping sluts better watch out, there may be more to the job than just dancing – there might be clothes pins, floggings, bondage, spanking, pain, torture…240 Sayaka Otoi is a beautiful Asian lotus and you’re lucky enough to see her debut fuck film! And as you will see, they are thankful, so thankful they will fill their mouths with the first available cock. Church-going community folks engage in lewd, lustful acts of carnality. Does 2 hot and sexy sisters sound fun? When the spanking finally stops, the mistress rubs cream all over the submissive’s sore bottom, in a very erotic manner. Watch as beautiful whores practically drown in hot sticky cum! Nici Sterling and Caressa Savage finally have their chance to have sex together. Today’s Lesson: How to take it up the ass, learn to love the taste of cum, suck cock like a pro and how to seduce a black man! All the sucking and fucking from all directions. Just think about mega-whore Tory Lane facing the oversized cocks of Ben English and Marco Duato, or Foxy Lady and Kathleen Kruz in their first double vag scenes. Whether you’re a man who likes to have his dick sucked, or a woman who likes to suck dick, everyone knows that swallowing a load is the ultimate finale to a solid blowjob. Four non-stop hours of Afro-Banging Hardcore! As with any star, these whores must keep in shape. The Nako clan members, now without their leaders, cause a riot in search of revenge and set the clan headquarters ablaze. We are on a yacht in Prague and miles from land. All of the fun is topped off with cum blasting facials. This tape combines strong smoking technique with lush sexual beauty. On their anniversary, Vlad and Klara decide to have a special night of lovemaking. After Lucy disrobed, Dr.Rick knew his patient needed a thorough examination. A series of extreme restraint and punishment scenes will supply the answer. A new classic series, where the finest girls who have never had sex before the cameras are coaxed into the hardest scenes that these German Pornographers can imagine. Getting their pussies reamed and their faces creamed is what it’s all about. Several guys let huge gushing wads fly and splatter on top of Denni’s F-cup breasts and when it dries, you see her chest coated with those “crispy critters” that come from loads of dried cum. She was actually a little disappointed that there was only one guy here at her first sex shoot. Venus loves to suck and fuck big cocks, and she’s a first timer. They want dick jammed down their throat and jammed up their pussies. This movie is full of full on hard-ons, mega-stars, and lots of hardcore fucking! I introduced the guys to each other, and I immediately see that the younger guy is the aggressor he goes right after Leo kissing, rubbing. But speaking of responsibilities, Monique also remembers the being a Dominatrixx isn’t always easy. Watch and discover a new realm of sensual pleasures!!! For whatever reason, these people simply need to hide their true identities. There are a number of hotties in this movie ripe for the fucking! It’s an all out assault on the backdoor as these horny hunnies each experience a little Hiney penetration. Once admitted, he quickly finds a job as a teaching assistant to support his educational expenses but ends up fucking his students instead. Super Pimp Billy Banks is back again with hot new black cock loving teens! These Thai ladyboys are all you want them to be. Asia Carrera leads a cast of beauties on the planet of the babes. She uses numerous vibes in her slippery virginal c*nt. Rocco is no gentleman! Cadet School is a must see!!!!! Special training teaches recruits to jerk off whenever they have the opportunity. See sweet smooth hairless Asian buns with lots of gay action! All at the very cruel hands of the “Bitch Queen of Suburbia!” This Queen of bitchery and domination turns this guy into a lump of gooey putty right in her hands! Slap that nice plump booty across your plate and spread some of your special A1 sauce all over that bubble butt. Watch our girls fuck and get fucked with rubber cocks, you decide who uses their “tools” the best…All girl, all dirty and a fuckfest all for you. Oh, and it’s high in protein too! A bevy of supporting smutlettes carry the thickening plot as it gets hard, wet and wild! Nothing is hornier than a woman of Hispanic descent. Join Gypsi, Jenny, Angela and Daleene for more amorous adventures featuring sexy, seasoned sluts gone wild! Look out Mr.Ed cause Mr.Horsecock is in town and he’s packin’ eighteen inches of solid horse meat. She does all sorts of NASTY things like using several GIANT toys, double and triple pussy penetration, a HUGE rubber FIST, and even letting the cameraman give her a G-SPOT ORGASM! When it comes to lust, nothing can stop them. The Doctor will make sure your blood pressure rises, and also definitely make other things go up as well! An army of men cum inside these girls’ gaping asses and scoop out the cream pie with a spoon, so they can swallow every drop. All girls suck and fuck to make the squad! Whether hooking up with a stranger in the middle of the desert or begging their sweety to come home and fuck, these Bratz need it bad! Cum see the rising new artists! 18-year-old Carter cums next and shows off her experience. When three super hot biker babes take over the local bar, everyone is shocked until they realized that the sexy feminine touches added to the rough and tumble rider hang-out extend to more than the decor. Spiked Heel Diaries Part 14 is one of the hottest, kinkiest, toe-sucking, leg-licking, foot-fucking video’s you could ever hope to see. Then we’ve got 8 Ball in the Corner Pussy: A simple game of billiards between a young couple takes an unusual and horny turn. They learn how to cum in their bunks at night, in the showers or latrines, at night on the open deck or in front of someone with a sneaky camcorder and a quick lie. Oh, those sweet sweet boys of summer, and these fucking BOYS are so hot, dark young and built like a brick shit house. King Rocco tames the her and the world’s most beautiful creatures in this installment of the Animal Trainer series. ANAL INTENSIVE #13 is an ass-jamming, jizz-spurting, face-fucking exercise in erotic excess. Since her divorce she was more than willing to explore new possibilities. “I love pussy! While he naps, you get to feel him up, tickle his nipples, trace his happy trail with your finger, before you gently put your hand into his boxers to discover his hard generous prick, which you stroke in several positions, until it spews forth teenage cum in several different directions, spraying everywhere! A busty hitch-hiker has no money. This entire video is shot in the bathroom. This movie starts with a great scene, Aikawa in the shower, lubricating some guy’s dick She then puts it in her mouth and sucks off all the man juice she can get. Now, as I step off my soapbox, let me tell you about the film that you are about to see. When we call a movie “Real Hidden Secretaries” it can only mean one thing: Crotch shots! The bar is closed and a few guys stay behind because they could not drive. Every one of these nasty whores down shot glass after shot glass of hot cum! Be a part of the audience as Stacey lashes Karen into new heights of bonda She licks it like a lollipop, sucking and jerking it off. Unusual settings, unusual circumstances, beautiful men, lots of snow and lots of sex… The perfect companion for a cold winter night! The youngest, barely legal hotties, masturbating for your wanking pleasure! These two sexy little South American Chicas are so horny they just never stop! They give the best foot jobs you’ll ever see on film!! They put their sweet mouths around some cock, look up with their beautiful eyes, and start to suck until their man quakes with delight, just like you will when you watch! If you thought Girls Gone Wild was hot- you ain’t seen n-n-n-n-n-n-nothin’ yet. In this volume by Jewel De’Nyle, watch how far these ladies can spread their legs. There’s plenty of freakiness involved for everyone… Cock-sucking, sperm-slurping sluts swallow it up in this hardcore screw-fest! Come into the dark mischievous world of your favorite adult stars. It’s the hottest three-way action with all of your favorite girls – especially Briana! He was brought in by another model, Bart, and did a bunch of work with us. As tight as their pussies are, imagine how tight their asses must be! More cunt than you have a right to expect! New teen party pack!! This is an outstanding 4 hours of the best-flavored pussies you’ve ever seen! “C” stands for Cocksucking little slut. So close you can feel it. If you’re into blowjob after blowjob by an endless stream of hot slutty cocksuckers with gigantic blowjob lips then enjoy these cock mops taking the messiest facials you’ve ever seen! Away from home for the first time, two girls have been taken to a disciplinary training center for a weekend of training. The more fingers in their ass and the more in their pussies the bigger the scream is. It’s warm and sunny in paradise. Then she tells him to eat her out right there on the desk. While she was busy running a live sex cam website for pay with her closest girlfriends from the strip club, he was washing dirty money for the Mafia. But one cock isn’t good enough for them, HELL NO. With a stiff cock inside them, these mature ladies feel like 19 again! These delectable co-workers decide to go on a luncheon picnic … Finally Kenya shows off the perfect combination of technique, smoking, sucking and teasing in a satisfying and draining conclusion. This film has nice bodies in jockstraps, lots of kissing and some beautiful cocks (the redhead has a HUGE uncut cock with a Prince Albert!). An Australian embassy envoy falls in love with an American writer as he seduces her into the dark, sexual underground of Budapest. Afrocentrix 181 – On Your Knees Please!, features some super hot chocolicious babes that are getting the meat from every direction. Leather … These sexy ebony beauties are willing to take one for the team! Every scene is a hot, nasty anal extravaganza! This time around a young lovely strips and poses for the camera showing off her hot little bod. Two aspiring tart young actresses, fresh to the Hollywood scene, accept the gracious hospitality of a man with a home in the hills. If you are a person who enjoys the look of fine sculptured get-away-sticks, this is the flick for you. Sometimes, they might even play with themselves. Our opening scene has the girlish Kate Foster telling of her experience with our own Hershel Savage.

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