Jalifstudio : Hard Sex 10


Jalifstudio : Hard Sex 10

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Studio : Jalifstudio.
Actors : Ivan Fisker,Julio Rey,Hugo Vergari,Alberto Martin,Alejandro Alvarez,Max Duran,Turbo Leon.
These panties are cute, but what’s in them is even better! See guys double team cock to get the salty/sweet bath of their hard work. After Ty asks Drew to be his partner for life they seal a dream come true for both by sharing their bodies and becoming one. And this best of shows it all off. This blonde grandmother finds herself with a younger guy with a big hard dick ready to stick into her wet hot pussy. Condoms kill the mood, the rhythm method is too hard, and the only pullouts that ever worked were those old school car stereos. It’s a trannie lover’s paradise. In the summer of 1999, women’s soccer swept the nation off its feet as our national team won the prestigious World Cup. When she cannot get it in by shoving it in, Alysha will sit on the fake dick with all of her weight to force the oversized dong to actually go up inside her. With the GM yacht anchored just 50 yards off the beach it wasn’t hard to get a couple of the girls to come out to the boat for a little amateur “hardcore” action! Come meet Angelique and Mack. The warden isn’t to be trusted, the guards are on the take and worst of all, the dykes crave new meat. It’s the role of Sharon Kane’s life: the weird Countess Natasha Contescu. He’s been showing these dudes what is up for quite a long time now. She masturbates everywhere, the bed, floor, bathroom and she utterly enjoys it. We started off trading hidden camera footage online. Who sez you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? These little nymphos just won’t take no for an answer; they want cock in all their holes, at any time of day, for a long as it takes them to cum. He gets more comfortable on the couch and loses his boxes. When the PRINCIPAL finds out, it’s the teacher’s turn to get spanked!! These are not some ugly bitches, these are women with great bodies. Now that we have them on the couch, they’re easily persuaded to hook up with each other. Every scene includes lots of cocks and even more wet pussies; my favorite turn on. He gives them a choice: the police or the end of a cane. And, If you don’t watch this, she’ll beat the shit out of you, too! (I know what you’re thinking.) The camera gives us a down shot of her nylon-covered crotch. These bitches are TOTALLY FUCKED. D.J.Strong: D.J. With big, full breasts & plump around bottoms & bellies, & just crying out for sex, these plump girls give a man something to grab on to at night. Cum experience these sluts as they experiment in every imaginable position…Maybe you could teach them a thing or two…. Vacationing Chinese cutie Maja Lee earns a pussy full of cum as a souvenir – until Loni sucks it out! 110% young and natural girls in five ass-reaming scenes! Placing boytoy in the dungeon swing, Mistress Kelly binds him and then makes dungeon whore start sucking 490 Cover girl Nikki Loren sure can take a handful, as award-winning performer Ben English simply pounds her silly…and teen-whore Tiana Lynn is a squirt-feast for the eyes! Our photographer has hired a model for a photo-shoot. Bue experienced her very first anal, compliments of Bob Terminator. Raunchy Roxy returns for a second helping of some hardcore fucking by Durty Durty D South and Mr.Long. A former fashion model, she’s just as good without her clothes. From elbow deep fisting to two hands in a hole… Do you like young, sweet Japanese girls? They aren’t much better than animals as they lick, suck, and fuck their way around the farm! If you’re looking for hot sex between some young studs, this is a great pick. 20 years old, 6’1”, with a rock solid 9+ inches, Dino has become accustomed to getting the best blowjob in town from Vinnie – and to giving a little back! Cindy Hopkins (a.k.a.Cindy Stokes, Susannah Fields, Suzanne Fields) started in the business in 1967 and left in 1979. Not to be outdone, this amazing collection of rarities includes Dyanne Thorne in perhaps her only hardcore role! Boasting over 120 minutes of high octane whore power we have stuffed every scene with extremely hardcore, butt fucking, rectal wrecking, anal fun……. Blow by blow! Big cocks. These maids cater to your every erotic wish. Ever wanted to buy a house and fuck the estate agent while doing it? This series goes far and beyond “Taxi Cab Confessions.” You’ll see everything from cheap tricks to $10,000-a-night hookers. How much cock is enough? They piss on the wall, they piss on the floor, they piss up in the air, they piss outside on a park bench, they piss on the bed, they piss in the shower and they do it just for YOU.527 New Girls!! A useless one! Tiffany’s case is the latter. She talks with the crew a little before she gets real nasty with a dildo. There are some smokin’ shots as the snake glides over her white cotton panties with a hirsute jungle sprouting out of them. Kirk has to endure. To return the favor, Barby sticks her four fingers into Violet’s pussy while YOU stare at those soles! Watch the cum fly, if this be your pleasure! They can’t get enough of it, and we know you won’t be able to get enough of them. For Jim’s friends, it’s a debaucherous weekend of orgasmic sex… These young lust seekers show their older partners what it’s all about! Whoever said British food was bland obviously never tasted one of these hot girls! When this little cutie pie sat on the Sybian we just knew that we were in for a treat. Paul wastes no time trying to get Shawna undressed. Then we come across a big pot of leftover milk. Watch each girl fuck herself silly for your enjoyment. Smash Pictures presents Gangbang Sluts and Orgy Lovers, featuring sexy slutty Sheila! 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This footage was shot by them and is completely homemade. We love big cars, big business and yes, big tits. Next she sticks it in deep and takes it all the way inside until she comes. Follow one dame’s descent into a seedy underworld where cunt is the coin of the realm, muscle (especially the one in your shorts) reigns supreme and regular schmoes always taste a piece of the action. We travel from the tropical islands of the South Pacific to the bustling cities of Tokyo and Hong Kong to find the hottest, nastiest XXX that the Orient has to offer. It seems there are no hang-ups whatsoever when it comes to where you put your cock or your tongue. More straight guys get EXPOSED in Volume Two of this boner-inducing series! This Indian lady loves to make whoopy!! Billie’s at work and can’t find that damn report so she takes her hair down, takes off her jacket and plays with her breast getting her nipples taut and hard. Enjoy!432 Chicks with Dicks…does this drive you crazy with lust or what? Gorgeous women and fat cocks comprise all two hours plus. Nicole Moore gets caught trying on her teenage daughter’s clothes…and fucks her way out of trouble. Our lucky cameras are surrounded by 100’s of hot young coeds dancing the night away in little more than thong bikinis, and we’re lucky enough to meet Catherine a hot young 18 year old party girl with huge 38D natural breasts and a nonstop exhibitionist attitude. This is a double-anal extravaganza with some of the most beautiful women in the industry – Allyson More, Nikki Sun, Patricia, Tereza and Jenny! Lizzie Mills is a living doll who plays with fuck toys. TY PARKS and TRENT ATKINS, on the other side of the restaurant, join them. They get their little pearls licked and their legs spread wide to take in the big, fat, hard cock that’s offered… Tyffany Million heats things up when she eases her lover deep inside her begging-for-release backdoor (their fiery passion shows)! When you need a study break what better way to take the edge off then taking off you’re clothes as well. These five all natural centerfolds show it all for you! A body. Director Luc Wylder crosses over to the dark side in this all new, all black edition of Amateur Angels! Don’t miss out on It Takes Hair To Be A Woman! And then we have a D.P. with Ariana, and after that scene she needs a double shot. She is sent to a college in California. In our grand finale Gaby slides one large brown cigar into her vagina and another into her rectal cavity. So check out that Ebony bootay as it flounces and bounces in your face! These little lust-holes may be hot for the big-time, but can they really pretend to be hot for the little dick? The beat goes on as Barbia and Angela Baron enact their own secret fantasies in separate acts of multi-orifice penetration and five-fingered, pussycat dancing. A beautiful sunny day in the country and a handsome virile young stud, what’s a guy to do? If you like your tits and your women plump, big, and natural, then this is the DVD for you! Writers Peter North and beautiful insatiable Amber Lynn must re-write. He’s the best of the best, so why shouldn’t we see the best of the best? Finally, in his scene from Mischa’s Memories”, Mac is welcomed into the neighborhood by Mischa Viaeu when Mischa bottoms for him.

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