HotDicks : Hot Bodies In The Shower


HotDicks : Hot Bodies In The Shower

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Studio : HotDicks.
Actors : Jude Marx,Rob.
These lipstick lesbians get their freak on with other lipstick lesbians for your viewing pleasure. Watch Gerry fills every opening. Director Tony Vidson has combined a fantastic array of beauty with passionate eroticism. Their tiny shaved pink pussies need a little attention, and they need it now. The scene culminates in a spectacular facial! Cameron is 23 and a college student with dark hair, flashing eyes and a nice cut dick. This film has two scenes from Europe and other very special scenes from the good old USA, so you get the best of both countries. A solo action performance shows you that you don’t need a man in your life… As a latex maid, she is forced to iron clothes. If you like seeing a pretty girl suffer, yet get very turned on. Alright, they don’t really fuck through it, but they go right back at it once they stop bouncing off the walls! Whack Attack # 15 is directed by award-winner Tom Byron. By the second tie she is nude and hogtied atop the cold firm desk. They turn into pussy-squirting, cum-screaming women and confirmed labia lovers. They get slammed in all sorts of watery situations. Layla Jade, the sassy little English girl, talks dirty, smokes and fills her mouth with all sorts of goodies…she chain smokes Marlboro Lights and brings forth a volcano of delights. Threesomes and interracial sex are the name of the game here. Unable to think of a job that will allow him to wear shorts and sandals, Dave decides to spend his last $20 to order a pizza, but ends up fucking the pizza delivery girl instead. It doesn’t take coach too long to get a hard one. Watch Jen have sex with girls and guys. It’s a lot of fun watching them tumble on the floor kicking, kissing, and licking each other.

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