GPicasso Productions : BJ Memories


GPicasso Productions : BJ Memories

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Studio : GPicasso Productions.
Actors : Monique (General),Arianna,Michelle.
When Eric finds out, he plans to get his girl back, only then finds out it’s not really his girlfriend, but Special Agent Nicole Richards, who went deep undercover to get closer to Scorpio’s organization. These anal sluts cannot get enough hard dick buried up their asses! He lives the fantasy most bear lover’s only dream of. Starring India and Nicole Le, this is a Video Team Lesbian all girl extravaganza. Terry first had sex with his psychologist who gave him a blowjob. Nothing like two, gutter mouth, hot tramps from the wrong side of the tracks, using foreign objects to sissify pig boy. This sex-pot takes his cloths off, kicks back on the couch shoving a large dildo up his ass and shoots out a nut on that hot torso of his. Today will be a very good day! King Rocco tames the her and the world’s most beautiful creatures in this installment of the Animal Trainer series. There is a pregnant bitch for all tastes and inclinations. The way these sexy Asian girls suck and fuck a dick is unimaginable. “My favorite dildo is this one..I’ve had it since I was in high school.” Complete with titty fuckin’ and cock sucking, Michelle cums to a very hot and real orgasm – sizzling! Get ready to rise for the National Anthem! Flip ’em over and they look even better! Gorgeous Latina Misty has never had two guys at once. A first audition gone haywire. When Katie Gold straps on a dildo, watch out, cause she’s gonna ride your ass like a cowgirl on the pony express. Dr.Fellatio 43 is sure to deliver and drain your sweaty balls!!! These fuck sluts and cock studs are taking theirs on film and letting you in on the voyeuristic action. Take a front row seat to ferocious fellatio, fantastic fingering and phenomenal fucking. They love to suck – dicks, toes, anything! She’s a lil’ squirt who sure can squirt! Peeing in a cup sounds reasonable, she’s got to go anyway. One of Sneek Peek’s most intense on-screen relationships developed between Buzz & Vinnie. Soon Nick and Sinclair were taking turns pumping their rock hard cocks in Lainey’s young tender ass and covering her face with their hot loads. Worked like a charm, you could see his big dick getting harder and harder. The only problem is that everytime she confesses her naked fantasies, she passes out only to wake up bruised and battered. It’s the sex, gagging and goo that you’ve come to love from Max Hardcore! They too are eager to suffer the ties of the master. Hot little Asian girls that get fucked like there’s no tomorrow! Can someone, anyone, help this stupid slut reach an orgasm? These cum-eating hunks have mouths that love to get filled to the brim with jizz! We just flood their fallopian tubes with hot sticky cum ’til it oozes out of every orifice … They love it…and so do we!! Candy is definitely sweeter then any chocolate bar you will ever taste!! Top notch performances.. When your cock gets hard and starts pointing up, you have made your decision. Going through the trash and setting people up like pawns on a chessboard, they sometimes even have some sexual fun; well maybe they are not just scumbags after all! A dildo won’t ask you to get up and get him a beer during the commercials. In Measuring Up, guys go to any lengths to please each other! She kneels on the bed and shows you her cute outfit, turning around and pulling her panties aside to show you her cute ass and pussy. Now take off the rivers and the landscape, and enter master director Axel Braun, along with a bunch of cock-craving, balls-sucking, cum-gulping, almond-eyed young sluts, and what cha got? Her boyfriend and I take care of her real good, and this sexy Latina gets so hot, she wants two facial cumshots! Seriously man, these bitches are so hot for your cock, they do so much just to get you hard enough to fuck them all day, they assure no regrets from your side…Enjoy your pussy sex fiends!! So cum on in and help yourself to some cream pie! They have to handle all those massive erect cocks in their fuck holes and get their pretty faces drenched with semen. She was still a virgin, so she sucked me off. Another great spectacle of female pseudo masturbation, more like fucked by the machine. Got a hankering for some big tittied, cum guzzling whores??? Watch as she is defiled and cum on by her captors! This young girl loves to suck on things with her big boobs bouncing. Collectively, the girls here have the softest soles we’ve ever featured in a video. Then after they’ve caught their breath, he whips out his big hairy dick (he’s pretty hairy too) and plunges it deep into her fuck-pussy!430 What he doesn’t know is that Robin has heard about his foot fetish & plans to take full advantage of it. I highly recommend this tape. This is their first film and they will leave you wanting even more! Enter the squirting world of Axel Braun and witness the magic of real female ejaculation. Anna climbs on top of Kylie, they both kiss for a while. Huge cocks exploding with hot steamy cum all over hot hard bodies. Who hasn’t thought about fucking a hot blonde chick with one of your buddies? These pillows swing a lot – better watch out for a black eye! First the Platypus. A trip to New York presents Mistress Isabella with the opportunity to deliver a long overdue bullwhipping to one of her loyal slaves on the east coast – Perhaps the term “whippingboy” would be more appropriate! 16 Polish newcomers in hot solo videos! The hotties in this video pull out all the stops and bring in the dildos, mouths and fingers!!! It’s going to be a hot and spicy race to the finish…cum find out who is the winner! Candi is barely legal from Boston and wants to become a big adult movie star. Mary Jane is tall, dark and sexy! Finally Brandon can’t take any more and blasts a huge load of cum all over Little Bo Even in the end of the movie these bitches will have you stuck to the screen! 3 all natural amateur beauties you’ve never seen before and you’ll probably never see again!450 By the gallon! When denied a necessity, human nature compels us to want that thing be it food, material items, sex more and more with each passing minute. Aunt Marghareta (Diana Dors) runs an exotic brothel in Copenhagen that caters to customers of prurient tastes. She pleasures herself until the ultimate finale, and all she asks is that you do the same. Now, that’s what we call room “service”! He bends her over and pulls down her cotton underpants and spanks her ass cheeks until they turn red. These hot bitches have got legs that just won’t quit. Watch these hot scenes of lesbian pussy licking, couples doggy-style fucking, and crazy nympho threesome sex! When a teen girl’s horny, she’ll do almost anything to get off, including kissing, sucking and fucking her teen girlfriends! Scene 2: D.P., spanking, double bj!! Able to plow pink bottoms in a single thrust! Of course, the head cheerleader likes to dish it out as well as take it, and she’s got her marching orders from Coach hart. Off comes the shirt and Charlie starts to have fun, painting not only the wall but also her beautiful breast and her tight body. Guided by my screaming and smell, the lumberjack finally comes out of the woods, to find me sunbathing completely nude. Shots Video brings you “Mister D – The Hardest In Hardcore Volume 4!” Mister D is the man that brings you the finest in foreign whores that love to suck hard, purple cock! Giving head in creative ways in unique places and with exotic equipment is guaranteed to blow your mind!! Starring: Mistress Cory Lane & Tori Sinclair. These imported models have long had a desire to act out their lust in a porn video! Whether the flavor is Vanilla, chocolate or more exotic, it doesn’t really matter ’cause all these black beauties need is a hard prick to bounce up and down on. Do you wake fluffing your pillows? Troy answers viewer mail regarding HIV awareness and Internet Cruising. Tied initially to a cross, she is then transferred to a bondage horse, and is teased with pert spanks across her bottom. This sequel follows Anna on 3 different black cock adventures, all ending with the cum right down her throat…how Anna loves to drink black seed semen! Bryant starts to rim Jeremy’s ass before he fucks him with his huge cock. Get a slice of that Asian/American cream pie. The Taste Of Young Pussy, you have to love it! If you have an urge to watch women get tied and bound, then you don’t want to miss this! But you can stop fantasizing now because these seven horny whores want to show you a whole new meaning to the term DOUBLE PARKED. A porn set is like no other working environment. These are just a few of the descriptions that can be applied to these men. See Kylie’s natural tits…If you like the thrill of spontaneous sex, then be sure to take a ride on our rockin’ bus! Surrendering to Erica’s lusty encouragement and her own dark desires, Marissa plays the dangerous game of living a double life. He was a wise man, and he obviously knew the virtues of anal sex. She also spies luscious Petra wrapping her legs around pal Amanda’s neck. She teases you by showing her luscious tits and round plump ass. It may be a love story, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have you busting a nut. Come to the backside as you enter Darkko’s world. Nicole has absolutely, positively never been spanked before (excepting a couple of slaps during sex, she admitted) and never appeared in any movie or video.425 Abuse ‘Em: Do what the fuck you like to ’em – they all love it anyway! Remember that little Asian girl in algebra class who had glasses, a tight little body, but was super nerdy? Gina Rae Michaels plays doggie with a vibe taped to her. Chris Banks is the hottest and newest face, body, and cock on the scene. Or tramps? It is estimated that 99.5% of the blonde population will be fucked in the ass before the end of the calendar year. All of the girls in this movie, I wanted to shoot. She later sucks the cock of her captives and is covered in hot wax. With a total of five scenes, this movie is sure to satisfy all men! When you can find trashy bitches like these girls you’ll never want to put up with the shit those “classy” girls put you through. They’ve got huge smiles, a lot of self-esteem, and dripping wet pussies that will make us drool like the dogs that we are! After sucking 69 style for a while, they are joined by big dicked dark skinned Kevin Alexander, who can’t wait to put his big dick in both waiting mouths. It’s so much easier! This totally anal movie will show you big asses suffering from hard, hot, hardcore sex! What a great way to have sex – under the burning hot sun with the surf pounding away right in rhythm with your cock banging away at a tight butt hole. Featuring the retro looks and 1970’s sexual revolution power of the following trailers: Inga (1967), Seduction of Inga (1969), Swedish Wildcats (1972), Vampire Ecstasy (1974), Girl Meets Girl (1974), Butterflies (1974), Laura’s Toys (1975), Abigail Leslie Is Back (1975), and for the first time, the trailer for the all-new video coming in 2006, Lust For Laura, a new Seduction Cinema production! When Rhiannon is found sleeping she is chloroformed, tied and interrogated! Then the finale is a scorching hot sex scene that will make you buy a plane ticket to Taiwan just so you can find this cute little babe. Hot poles are being sucked, man-handled and fucked! Lots of ties and tickles to be found here! Exotic Nyla Thai takes on two hard cocks and gets a massive facial! We put so much time and effort in this particular shoot, I had to quell a near mutiny within our crew. He rips her pants from her body, exposing a very sexy pair of panties. Sit back and enjoy “our bust to you!” Lavish orgies. Meet seven all-natural video virgins, fresh off the bus and rarin’ to make their XXX debut! If any of this sounds appealing, you have to check this out! Venus loves to suck and fuck big cocks, and she’s a first timer. Interrupted by Kathleen, she finds that the web of deception is more complex than she ever believed! Watch her really take her time, clearly enjoying her own sexuality as she brings herself to the heights of ecstasy! Get ready for their definition of “loose morals.” They’ve hooked up with some of the finest strippers around and talked them into letting their cameramen follow them home. She gets so horny she starts sucking the guys cock! The key to pleasing yourself is pleasing your man! From the perverted mind of Jonni Dark comes the most intense and visually stimulating erotica in years. Watch her master the art of female ejaculation by working herself into the ultimate frenzy. Crazy college coeds going ALL OUT to win as these contests begin with some of the most creative homemade bikinis ever…cheese whiz, peanut butter, whipped cream, and don’t forget the cherries!! As a regular,, her session speedily progresses and an air of playfulness is readily seen. Regardless, the guys in this video bring out the video camera and then bring out the best in their girlfriends!!! Five tiny poopers filled with cock with smiles (and grimaces) on their faces. Big and Strong and Horny! She really goes the extra mile when she sucks fat cock to her ultimate goal – cum slathered tits. But here they are, the very best of the best, the biggest and sexiest all natural tits we have to offer, the best of the best. It that isn’t enough, the girls begin interacting with the audience, sucking dick, having their tits and pussies licked, and riding rock hard penises like there’s no tomorrow. Pat Myne brings you gorgeous girls who dig filthy sex!!! Vaginal pounding, juicy cock sucking, and white women getting fucked by huge black cock! See big black poles thumping tight white butt holes! It doesn’t get any better then this, you have everything you could possible want in one film. The professor’s giving lessons on how to give head or how to take a pounding! Watch as these six babes get broken in the hard way, with a massive cock up their ass! He loves legs. Calling All Yes Men: Imagine it. This edition brings you the hottest, raunchiest, sluttiest sluts you have ever seen. They will never be this innocent again, so get ready to pop a few cherries on these black cherry coeds! Breathe deeply and prepare for some very wet dreams. She becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders which closely resemble the photographs in her latest book His first wish is for her to suck his dick, his wish is her command. Can anyone say no to pulsating twelve-inch cock at it’s best? One after the other, each girl’s pussy is eventually shaven bare. But he’s not allowed to touch. They stretch and slam until they shoot ropes of hot, wet, sticky cum all over the place! Yes, folks, Loretta Sterling has dredged deep into the sewers of the past and come up with the ultimate of the old tyme pornos. A good pussy dip and a nasty butt slam! Insane footage of beautiful women and extemely horny couples caught in the most revealing moments! What’s better than having sex by the fireplace? Outside or inside her gorgeous mansion, Marylin plunges fat rubber cocks between the eager wet lips of her sexy partners in slime Cum see the seedy underbelly of the capitol of the Philippines. What a HAPPY ENDING! We’ve taken some of the nastiest, hottest, stickiest amateur classics from our original series, combined them with new amateur footage never before released to make the hottest amateur extravaganza known to man! Ashley was a real competitive cheerleader back in the day and even shows off some moves during the match not to mention a quick smooch on Ragan’s grill. Dave Hardman and Rick Masters are Indian mystics who meditate on the distractions of the flesh as they transcend Alyssa Allures and a blonde love child’s claims, illuminating their Western assholes in a group scene. These black beauties are hot, and they’re hungry for big tits and a dripping wet snatch. A scrumptiously all-natural ravisher, Bobbi brings a sophisticated European sensibility to each of her roles, delivering down-and-dirty debauchery while still somehow exuding a sense of classiness. Just call them little troublemakers who need a spanking. These sluts like it hard and rough. It’s no holds barred! Wanna RIDE? Finally Pamela mounts the Sybian from the rear. Its a real hairy experience. The Asian ASS-ault is back! The entire valley was veiled in darkness. Outdoor Bondage Doublecross You’ll see her spread-eagled out doors on a wood cross with her captor’s taunting hands kneading her helpless body. High stakes, cheap steaks and expensive ho’s. Cock sucking is much better than cat fighting. If you place yourself in this category, it implies that you greatly appreciate and celebrate both genders. Meanwhile, an evil duke, who finds pleasure in making a game out of hunting down and molesting girls as his prey, schemes to murder the entire royal family. A seemingly mild-mannered older guy sees a ripe, young girl of 18 or so and goes completely out of his mind with lustful desires. More new busty babes! Beautiful face and figure with breasts that make your mouth water. “Dueling Pages” is part one of the three-part “Box of Laughter” series, which highlights the fetish of tickling.

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