Fetish Network : Brutal Castings – Dakota Vixen


Fetish Network : Brutal Castings – Dakota Vixen

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Studio : Fetish Network.
Actors : Dakota Vixen.
Aw, don’t look so sad, Mister. These girls squirt when they cum, but that’s not all. Complete with major anal, enemas and medical absurdity. More than meets the eye! Naughty Alysha enjoys stuffing herself to the limit and seeing how much of her big toys she can hold inside her cave-like vagina. These broads get bathed in cum. With his video camera, through bushes, scale walls and swoop from the rooftops to peer into windows, balconies and cars – wherever the nastiest action is! Plenty of slapping, hair pulling and screams!! The Signature Series is a one hour video portrait by Mark Gemini of an exceptional man. She starts to take off her business suit and takes her hair down. Slap happy black men take charge and begin the destruction of some delicious choco-cheeks! Watch her strip, masturbate, and go for the gold as she hangs on for the ultimate pleasure! These girls just love raw and spontaneous anal action. Sweet ebony pussy annihilated by giant black cock! “Sure, I’m out here working my fuckin’ ass off, and you’re out here loafing!” Tina screams at Rachel. For a warmup, they use fingers. Once again, quality is all important. Just ask these horny and nasty sluts! Scene 1: Markus uses a vibrator and a couple of dildos for this ses Imagine you’re a Persian Sultan living sometime between the fifth and seventh centuries. These gorgeous muscled babes ready are ready to give you a workout you won’t soon forget. Eventually he gets her out of that little schoolgirl outfit and uses a couple of toys on her tight little pussy and asshole. She devoured men and women alike with equal enthusiasm, and brought legendary pleasure when she did business. They are what you called straight up WHORES. So, if you’re a fan of hippo-like Sistas, screwing and licking each other … These sensational little ho’s love to suck cock and eat cum.

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