Female Agent : Female Agent Presents – Chris


Female Agent : Female Agent Presents – Chris

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Studio : Female Agent.
Actors : Chris,Jayne.
It’s a good thing, ’cause in a couple of months, it’s the last thing that they will want to do. Back in Los Angeles, she wants a fresh start. Two hot English tarts are hanging out complaining how all they want is a huge black cock and Sledge magically appears to fulfill their hot and nasty fantasy. Plenty of hot latex, unique Pony Girl outfits, horseshoe boots, and a gorgeous outdoor setting make for an interesting plotline in this sixth edition of the Ivy Manor series. “I like petite little blondes with pretty pink pussies!” she reveals in her alluring New England accent. A wife tries to poison her husband. Watch her master the art of female masturbation by working herself into a frenzy!! 2 hours of 2 on 1 swallow fun. Our day begins with a topless convertible ride to the beach. Release the animal within! Big Man’s Baby Got Azz! 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