Fantasy Massage : Slippery Sinners


Fantasy Massage : Slippery Sinners

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Studio : Fantasy Massage.
Actors : Peta Jensen,Kenny Styles,Layla Sin,Carmen Callaway,Cameron Dee,Brianna Jordan ,Jay Smooth,Britney Amber,Will Powers,Tommy Gunn,Eric Masterson.
Meanwhile a rampaging maniac with a taste for dissecting lesbians finds their next rendezvous point and plots female mutilation! Are you afraid, are you very afraid, or just shaking with anticipation? Corporate titan Jimmy Vincent has it all: oak-paneled office, live-in stripper and control of a global coffee empire. When an ancient jade carving that looks astonishingly like a phallus passes from hand to hand and then on to more intimate places in an unrelenting magical drive to return to its rightful owner and mistress it creates a havoc of desire and lust in its wake…fiery love in some, greed and hatred in others. Her body style is classic for touring and great around the curves. These Asian sluts are ready for some hot sucking and fucking and will surely leave you spent. By popular demand, here is the third installment of Ass Appeal. These six gorgeous she-males have it all, and they can keep you entertained for hours with all their spare parts! These well -built, well- hung, horny black studs are looking for some ass to fuck. These Shemales are hot, horny and ready for pleasure. Before this session is over, Heather’s throbbing bottom will be a constant reminder to her of the importance of punctuality. And these girls will do what she wouldn’t. Huge mounds of DELICIOUS ebony flesh that jiggles and vibrates with each push! Lastly, she is trussed up and her awesome titties get tortured by clothespins and other more sinister means! There’s plenty of dick- sucking and pussy-eating mayhem to go around in this flick for everyone. This movie is all about the sloppy pussy, that drips like a leaky faucet when it gets all hot and wet. They can’t get enough of these hard dark dicks ramming into their pussies. Now, you can see that her soles are dirty from walking all day. Lips are wrapped around hard, hot throbbing cock and inserted into whatever hole is available! It’s a place dominated by mistresses with the skills to make them cry and make them cum. She may admire his big, muscular arms but it’s the big, hard love muscle in his pants that really gets her going. This is no ordinary fuck fest, this is Dutch Stud’s Super Sluts volume one. The girls pump their pussies with dildos and fingers until they are flowing and juicy and making the sheets sticky. From the look of her and how comfortable she is, this is not her first time in front of the camera! But, there is trouble brewing in their oh-so-perfect lives. From the land of coffee, we have in front of our eyes, Destiny. Hardcore XXX anal action! The dual balloons that lurk beneath sweaters, blouses, and bras stir a primal lust can be so inviting. Their advice: ‘Take two aspirin and ball me in the morning!’ In the first scene, Brooke gets banged on the kitchen counter by hung Rick Masters. Watch as five of Miami’s finest babes go on the boat ride of their lives! MMC proudly brings you “The Vegas Showgirl Strangler,” a softcore romp that will be sure to satisfy, especially if you like hot girls, cat fights, and asphyxiation! This is a collection of some of Billie’s most popular masturbation scenes. Big cocks invade tight assholes! Simple enough, right? She follows a sordid trail from a sleazoid junkie streetwalker (Jamie Lee) to a porno sex star (Darby) and right back to the station house, where she encounters another detective (Ashley Renee)! This slut’s water just broke! This is an inside edition of a real Porn-star party JUST FOR YOU!!! My girlfriends and I had a bet; the first one to screw Mr.Adams gets dinner on the rest of us! So you best be watchin’ or they gonna bust a cap in yo ass. The boys, still in their jockeys, also do some wrestling, rolling around on the bed making grab-ass at each other’s cocks. And introducing Penthouse Pet Lanny Barbie! There is still some hot fucking and deep penetration rimming to be had, but it all starts with good head! Dirty Dave is a 56-year-old porn star who lives in San Diego. See Bridget go to it over and over again. The Jabaku series of videos is for the finest appreciator of strictly Asian BDSM and humiliation movies. If you love your cock wearing camouflage, then check out this hot fuckfest, military style! Pantyhose changed all that, but many of us recall those days and remain forever ‘Gonzo For Girdles Ripe cherries ready to be plucked as these young girls enter womanhood. And finally in caned in the backroom a nightclub owner must punish several of the women who have refused to pay him a suitable cut of their income. Fill my throat with your thick meat. An all girl, all sex adventure into lust! This is the hottest she-male action you’ll ever see. A hundred close-ups of military cock. 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