Falcon Studios : Down To Business


Falcon Studios : Down To Business

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Studio : Falcon Studios.
Actors : Mark Gabriel,Sam Northman,Dylan Knight,Liam Harkmoore,Andrew Jakk,Lance Luciano,Jed Athens,Donny Wright,Tommy Defendi,J.P. DuBois,Kyle Quinn,Marcus Mojo,Bobby Clark,Joey Rico.
When you think you can’t get any better, you need to GO BLACK! Breathless blowjobs. Once admitted, he quickly finds a job as a teaching assistant to support his educational expenses but ends up fucking his students instead. This movie is a grand-slam! But April finds out fast that it’s “harder” than it looks. We coaxed 6 innocent amateurs right into the back room for those ‘private views’! Her list should include “great head” and “tight pussy.” Depressed? Lots of pussy stretching and ass reaming! We found a dead ringer for a well-known presidential aid named Monica Budinsky. Don’t worry, this is one field she knows. Get ready for some hardcore booty-lovin’…all anal! Tina was just passing through and needed some traveling cash.

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